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Table 2 Sources of isolates and GenBank accession numbers used in the phylogenetic analyses of Diaporthe. Newly sequenced material is indicated in bold type.

From: Diaporthe is paraphyletic

Species names* Culture collection no. Isolation sources Host family GenBank Accession Numbers References
D. acaciigena CBS 129521 (ex-type) Acacia retinodes Mimosaceae KC343005 KC343731 KC343973 KC343489 KC343247 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. acerina CBS 137.27 Acer saccharum Aceraceae KC343006 KC343732 KC343974 KC343490 KC343248 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. acutispora CGMCC 3.18285 = LC 6161 Coffea sp., endophyte Rubiaceae KX986764 KX999155 KX999195 KX999235 KX999274 This study
  LC 6142 Camellia sasanqua, endophyte Theaceae KX986762 KX999153 KX999193 KX999233 KX999272 This study
  LC 6160 Camellia sasanqua, endophyte Theaceae KX986800 KX999192 KX999232 KX999271 KX999293 This study
D. alleghaniensis CBS 495.72 (ex-type) Betula alleghaniensis, branches Betulaceae KC343007 KC343733 KC343975 KC343491 KC343249 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. alnea CBS 146.46 (ex-type) Alnus sp. Betulaceae KC343008 KC343734 KC343976 KC343492 KC343250 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 159.47 Alnus sp. Betulaceae KC343009 KC343735 KC343977 KC343493 KC343251 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. ambigua CBS 114015 Pyrus communis Rosaceae KC343010 KC343736 KC343978 KC343494 KC343252 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 117176 Aspalathus linearis, crown Fabaceae KC343011 KC343737 KC343979 KC343495 KC343253 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. ampelina CBS 114016 Vitis vinifera Vitaceae AF230751 AY745056 JX275452 - AY745026 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 111888 Vitis vinifera Vitaceae KC343016 KC343742 KC343984 KC343500 KC343258 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. amygdali CBS 126679 (ex-type) Prunus dulcis Rosaceae KC343022 KC343748 KC343990 KC343506 KC343264 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 111811 Vitis vinifera Vitaceae KC343019 KC343745 KC343987 KC343503 KC343261 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. anacardii CBS 720.97 (ex-epitype) Anacardium occidentale Anacardiaceae KC343024 KC343750 KC343992 KC343508 KC343266 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. angelicae CBS 111592 (ex-epitype) Heracleum sphondylium Apiaceae KC343027 KC343743 KC343995 KC343511 KC343269 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 123215 Foeniculum vulgare Apiaceae KC343028 KC353754 KC343996 KC343512 KC343270 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. apiculata LC 4152 Camellia, leaf Theaceae KP267915 KP267989 KP293495 KP293562 - Gao et al. (2016)
  LC 3418, (ex-type) Camellia sinensis, leaf, endophyte Theaceae KP267896 KP267970 KP293476 KP293550 - Gao et al. (2016)
D. arctii CBS 136.25 Arctium sp. Arecaceae KC343032 KC343758 KC344000 KC343516 KC343273 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. arecae CBS 535.75 Citrus sp., fruit Rutaceae KC343033 KC343759 KC344001 KC343517 KC343275 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 161.64 (ex-isotype) Areca catechu, fruit Arecaceae KC343032 KC343758 KC344000 KC343516 KC343274 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. arengae CBS 114979 (ex-type) Arenga engleri Arecaceae KC343034 KC343760 KC344002 KC343518 KC343276 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. asheiola CBS 136967, CPC 16508, (ex-type) Vaccinium ashei Ericaceae KJ160562 KJ160594 KJ160518 - KJ160542 Lombard et al. (2014)
  CBS 136968, CPC 16511 Vaccinium ashei Ericaceae KJ160563 KJ160595 KJ160519 - KJ160543 Lombard et al. (2014)
D. aspalathi CBS 117168 Aspalathus linearis Fabaceae KC343035 KC343761 KC344003 KC343519 KC343277 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 117169, (ex-type) Aspalathus linearis Fabaceae KC343036 KC343762 KC344004 KC343520 KC343278 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. australafricana CBS 111886 Vitis vinifera Vitaceae KC343038 KC343764 KC344006 KC343522 KC343280 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 113487 Vitis vinifera Vitaceae KC343039 KC343765 KC344007 KC343523 KC343281 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. baccae CBS 136971 Vaccinium corymbosum Ericaceae KJ160564 KJ160596 - - - Lombard et al. (2014)
  CBS 136972 (ex-type) Vaccinium corymbosum Ericaceae KJ160565 KJ160597 - - - Lombard et al. (2014)
D. batatas CBS 122.21 Ipomoea batatas Convolvulaceae KC343040 KC343766 KC344008 KC343524 KC343282 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. beckhausii CBS 138.27 Viburnum sp. Caprifoliaceae KC343041 KC343767 KC344009 KC343525 KC343283 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. beilharziae BRIP 54792 (ex-type) Indigofera australis Papilionaceae JX862529 JX862535 KF170921 - - Thompson et al. (2015)
D. benedicti CFCC 50062 (ex-type) Juglans mandshurica Juglandaceae KP208847 KP208853 KP208855 KP208851 KP208849 Fan et al. (2015)
  CFCC 50063 Juglans mandshurica Juglandaceae KP208848 KP208854 KP208856 KP208852 KP208850 Fan et al. (2015)
D. betulae CFCC 50469 (ex-type) Betula platyphylla Betulaceae KT732950 KT733016 KT733020 KT732999 KT732997 Du et al. (2016)
  CFCC 50470 Betula platyphylla Betulaceae KT732951 KT733017 KT733021 KT733000 KT732998 Du et al. (2016)
D. betulicola CFCC 51128 (ex-type) Betula albosinensis Betulaceae KX024653 KX024655 KX024657 KX024661 KX024659 Du et al. (2016)
  CFCC 51129 Betula albosinensis Betulaceae KX024654 KX024656 KX024658 KX024662 KX024660 Du et al. (2016)
D. bicincta DP0659, CBS 121004 Juglans sp., dead wood Juglandaceae KC343134 KC343860 KC344102 KC343618   Udayanga et al. (2014a)
D. biconispora ZJUD60, CGMCC3.17250 Citrus sinensis Rutaceae KJ490595 KJ490474 KJ490416 KJ490537 - Huang et al. (2015)
  ZJUD61, CGMCC 3.17251 Fortunella margarita Rutaceae KJ490596 KJ490475 KJ490417 KJ490538 - Huang et al. (2015)
  ZJUD62, CGMCC 3.17252 Citrus grandis Rutaceae KJ490597 KJ490476 KJ490418 KJ490539 - Huang et al. (2015)
D. biguttulata ZJUD47, CGMCC3.17248 (ex-type) Citrus limon Rutaceae KJ490582 KJ490461 KJ490403 KJ490524 - Huang et al. (2015)
  ZJUD48, CGMCC3.17249 Citrus limon Rutaceae KJ490583 KJ490462 KJ490403 KJ490525 - Huang et al. (2015)
D. biguttusis CGMCC 3.17081 (ex-type) Lithocarpus glabra Fagaceae KF576282 KF576257 KF576306 - - Gao et al. (2015)
D. brasiliensis CBS 133183 (ex-type) Aspidosperma tomentosus Apocynaceae KC343042 KC343768 KC344010 KC343526 KC343284 Gomes et al., 2013
  LGMF 926 Aspidosperma tomentosus Apocynaceae KC343043 KC343769 KC344011 KC343527 KC343285 Gomes et al., 2013
D. canthii CBS 132533 (ex-type) Canthium inerme Rubiaceae JX069864 KC843120 KC843230 - KC843174 Du et al. (2016)
D. carpini CBS 114437 Carpinus betulus Corylaceae KC343044 KC343770 KC344012 KC343528 KC343286 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. caulivora CBS 127268 (ex-neotype) Glycine max Fabaceae KC343045 KC343771 KC344013 KC343529 KC343287 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 178.55 Glycine soja Fabaceae KC343046 KC343772 KC344014 KC343530 KC343288 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. celastrina CBS 139.27 Celastrus scandens Celastraceae KC343047 KC343773 KC344015 KC343531 - Gomes et al. (2013)
D. cf. heveae 1 CBS 852.97 Hevea brasiliensis Euphorbiaceae KC343116 KC343842 KC344084 KC343600 KC343358 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. cf. heveae 2 CBS 681.84 Hevea brasilliensis, leaf Euphorbiaceae KC343117 KC343843 KC344085 KC343601 KC343359 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. chamaeropis CBS 454.81 Chamaerops humilis, dead part of leaf Arecaceae KC343048 KC343774 KC344016 KC343532 KC343290 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 753.70 Spartium junceum, dead branch Fabaceae KC343049 KC343775 KC344017 KC343533 KC343291 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. charlesworthii BRIP 4884m (ex-type) Rapistrum rugostrum Brassicaceae KJ197288 KJ197250 KJ197268 - - Thompson et al. (2015)
D. cinerascens CBS 719.96 Ficus carica Moraceae KC343050 KC343776 KC344018 KC343534 KC343292 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. citri CBS 230.52 Citrus sinensis Rutaceae KC343052 KC343778 KC344020 KC343536 KC343294 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 199.39 - - KC343051 KC343777 KC344019 KC343535 KC343293 Gomes et al. (2013)
  AR 3405 Citrus sp. Rutaceae KC843311 KC843071 KC843187 KJ420881 - Udayanga et al. (2014b)
D. citriasiana ZJUD30 (ex-type) Citrus unshiu, dead wood Rutaceae JQ954645 JQ954663 KC357459 - KC357491 Huang et al. (2015)
  ZJUD 33 Citrus paradise, stem-end rot fruit Rutaceae JQ954658 JQ972716 KC357460 - KC357493 Huang et al. (2015)
D. citrichinensis ZJUD 34 Citrus sp. Rutaceae JQ954648 JQ954666 - - KC357494 Huang et al. (2015)
  ZJUD 35 Citrus unshiu, dead wood Rutaceae JQ954649 JQ954667 KC357461 - KC357495 Huang et al. (2015)
  ZJUD 36 Citrus unshiu, dead wood Rutaceae KC357556 KC357525 KC357462 - KC357496 Huang et al. (2015)
D. compacta LC3083 (ex-type) Camellia sinensis, leaf, endophyte Theaceae KP267854 KP267928 KP293434 KP293508 - Gao et al. (2016)
  LC3084 Camellia sinensis, leaf, endophyte Theaceae KP267855 KP267929 KP293435 KP293509 - Gao et al. (2016)
D. convolvuli CBS 124654 Convolvulus arvensis Convolvulaceae KC343054 KC343780 KC344022 KC343538 KC343296 Huang et al. (2015)
D. crataegi CBS 114435 Crataegus oxyacantha Rosaceae KC343055 KC343781 KC344023 KC343539 KC343297 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. crotalariae CBS 162.33 (ex-type) Crotalaria spectabilis Fabaceae KC343056 KC343782 KC344024 KC343540 KC343298 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. cuppatae CBS 117499 Aspalathus linearis Fabaceae KC343057 KC343783 KC344025 KC343541 KC343299 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. cynaroidis CBS 122676 Protea cynaroides Proteaceae KC343058 KC343784 KC344026 KC343542 KC343300 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. cytosporella AR 5149 Citrus sinensis Rutaceae KC843309 KC843118 KC843222 - KC843143 Udayanga et al. (2014b)
D. decedens CBS 114281 Corylus avellana Corylaceae KC343060 KC343786 KC344028 KC343544 KC343302 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 109772 Corylus avellana Corylaceae KC343059 KC343785 KC344027 KC343543 KC343301 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. detrusa CBS 109770 Berberis vulgaris Berberidaceae KC343061 KC343787 KC344029 KC343545 KC343303 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 114652 Berberis vulgaris Berberidaceae KC343062 KC343788 KC344030 KC343546 KC343304 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. discoidspora ZJUD 87, CGMCC3.17254 Citrus sinensis Rutaceae KJ490622 KJ490501 KJ490443 KJ490564 - Huang et al. (2015)
  ZJUD 89, CGMCC 3.17255 Citrus unshiu Rutaceae KJ490624 KJ490503 KJ490445 KJ490566 - Huang et al. (2015)
D. elaeagni CBS 504.72 Elaeagnus sp., twig Elaeagnaceae KC343064 KC343790 KC344032 KC343548 KC343306 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. elaeagni-glabrae CGMCC 3.18287 = LC 4802 Elaeagnus glabra, pathogen Elaeagnaceae KX986779 KX999171 KX999212 KX999251 KX999281 This study
  LC 4806 Elaeagnus glabra, pathogen Elaeagnaceae KX986780 KX999172 KX999213 KX999252 KX999282 This study
D. ellipicola CGMCC3.17084 (ex-type) Lithocarpus glabra, diseased leaves Fagaceae KF576270 KF576245 KF576291 - - Gao et al. (2015)
D. endophytica CBS 133811 (ex-type) Schinus terebinthifolius Anacardiaceae KC343065 KC343791 KC344033 KC343549 KC343307 Gomes et al. (2013)
  LGMF 911 Schinus terebinthifolius Anacardiaceae KC343066 KC343792 KC344034 KC343550 KC343308 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. eres AR5193, CBS 13859 (ex-epitype) Ulmus laevis Ulmaceae KJ210529 KJ210550 KJ420799 KJ420850 - Udayanga et al. (2014a)
  CBS 113470 Castanea sativa Fagaceae KC343146 KC343872 KC344114 KC343630 - Udayanga et al. (2014a)
D. eugeniae CBS 444.82 Eugenia aromatica, leaf Mrytaceae KC343098 KC343824 KC344066 KC343582 KC343340 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. fibrosa CBS 109751 Rhamnus cathartica Rhamnaceae KC343099 KC343825 KC344067 KC343583 KC343341 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 113830 Rhamnus cathartica Rhamnaceae KC343100 KC343826 KC344068 KC343584 KC343342 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. foeniculina CBS 116957 Pyrus pyrifolia Rosaceae KC343103 KC343829 KC344071 KC343587 KC343345 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 187.27 (ex-type of P. theicola) Camellia sinensis, leaves and branches Theaceae KC343107 KC343833 KC344075 KC343591 KC343349 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 123208 Foeniculum vulgare Apiaceae KC343104 KC343830 KC344072 KC343588 KC343346 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. fraxini-angustifolia BRIP 54781 (ex-epitype) Fraxinus-angustifolia subsp. oxycapa Oleaceae JX862528 JX852534 KF170920 - - Tan et al. (2013)
D. ganjae CBS 180.91 (ex-type) Cannabis sativa, dead leaf Cannabaceae KC343112 KC343838 KC344080 KC343596 KC343354 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. gardeniae CBS 288.56 Gardenia florida, stem Rubiaceae KC343113 KC343839 KC344081 KC343597 KC343355 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. goulteri BRIP 55657a (ex-type) Helianthus annuus Asteraceae KJ197289 KJ197252 KJ197270 - - Thompson et al. (2015)
D. gulyae BRIP 54025 (ex-type) Helianthus annuus Asteraceae JF431299 JN645803 KJ197271 - - Thompson et al. (2015)
D. helianthi CBS 344.94 Helianthus annuus Asteraceae KC343114 KC343840 KC344082 KC343598 KC343356 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 592.81 (ex-type) Helianthus annuus Asteraceae KC343115 KC343841 KC344083 KC343599 KC343357 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. helicis AR 5211 Hedera helix Araliaceae KJ210538 KJ210559 KJ420828 KJ420875 KJ435043 Udayanga et al. (2014a)
D. hickoriae CBS 145.26 (ex-epitype) Carya glabra Juglandaceae KC343118 KC343844 KC344086 KC343602 KC343360 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. hongkongensis CBS 115448 (ex-type) Dichroa febrifuga, fruit Hydrangeaceae KC343119 KC343845 KC344087 KC343603 KC343361 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. hordei CBS 481.92 Hordeum vulgare Poaceae KC343120 KC343846 KC344088 KC343604 KC343362 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. impulsa CBS 114434 Sorbus aucuparia Rosaceae KC343121 KC343847 KC344089 KC343605 KC343363 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 141.27 Sorbus americana Rosaceae KC343122 KC343848 KC344090 KC343606 KC343364 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. incompleta CGMCC 3.18288 = LC 6754 Camellia sinensis, pathogen Theaceae KX986794 KX999186 KX999226 KX999265 KX999289 This study
  LC 6706 Camellia sinensis, pathogen Theaceae KX986793 KX999185   KX999264 KX999288 This study
D. inconspicua CBS 133813(ex-type) Maytenus ilicifolia, endophytic in petiole Celastraceae KC343123 KC343849 KC344091 KC343607 KC343365 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. infecunda CBS 133812 (ex-type) Schinus terebinthifolius Anacardiaceae KC343126 KC343852 KC344094 KC343610 KC343368 Gomes et al. (2013)
  LGMF 908 Schinus terebinthifolius Anacardiaceae KC343127 KC343853 KC344095 KC343611 KC343369 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. kongii BRIP 54031 (ex-type) Helianthus annuus Asteraceae JF431301 JN645797 KJ197272 - - Thompson et al. (2011)
D. lichicola BRIP 54900 (ex-type) Litchi chinensis Sapindaceae JX862533 JX862539 KF170925 - - Tan et al. (2013)
D. longicicola CGMCC 3.17089 (ex-type) Lithocarpus glabra Fagaceae KF576267 KF576242 KF576291 - - Gao et al. (2015)
D. longicolla FAU 599 Glycine max Fabaceae KJ590728 KJ590767 KJ610883 KJ659188 - Udayanga et al. (2015)
D. longispora CBS 194.36 (ex-type) Ribes sp. Grossulariaceae KC343135 KC343861 KC344103 KC343619 KC343377 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. lusitanicae CBS 123212 (ex-type) Foeniculum vulgare Apiaceae KC343136 KC343862 KC344104 KC343620 - Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 123213 Foeniculum vulgare Apiaceae KC343137 KC343863 KC344105 KC343621 KC343379 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. macintoshii BRIP 55064a Rapistrum rugostrum Brassicaceae KJ197290 KJ197251 KJ197269 - - Thompson et al. (2015)
D. mahothocarpus CGMCC 3.15181 Lithocarpus glabra Fagaceae KC153096 KC153087 - - - Gao et al. (2014)
D. manihotia CBS 505.76 Manihot utilissima, leaves Euphorbiaceae KC343138 KC343864 KC344106 KC343622 KC343380 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. maritima NB 382-2E Picea rubens needle Pinaceae KU552026 KU552024 KU574614 - - Tanney et al. (2016)
  NB 463-3A Picea rubens needle Pinaceae KU552027 KU552022 KU574616 - - Tanney et al. (2016)
  NB365-71I (ex-type) Picea rubens needle Pinaceae KU552025 KU552023 KU574615 - - Tanney et al. (2016)
D. masirevicii BRIP 57330 Chrysanthemoides monilifera subsp. rotundata Rosaceae KJ197275 KJ197237 KJ197255 - - Huang et al. (2015)
  BRIP 57892a (ex-type) Helianthus annuus Asteraceae KJ197277 KJ197239 KJ197257 - - Huang et al. (2015)
D. mayteni CBS 133185 (ex-type) Maytenus ilicicolia Celastraceae KC343139 KC343865 KC344107 KC343623 KC343381 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. megalospora CBS 143.27 Sambucus canadensis Caprifoliaceae KC343140 KC343866 KC344108 KC343624 KC343382 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. melonis CBS 435.87 Glycine soja Fabaceae KC343141 KC343867 KC344109 KC343625 KC343383 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 507.78 (ex-isotype) Cucumis melo Cucurbitaceae KC343142 KC343868 KC344110 KC343626 KC343384 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. middletonii BRIP 57329 Chrysanthemoides monilifera subsp. rotundata Rosaceae KJ197285 KJ197247 KJ197265 - - Thompson et al. (2015)
  BRIP 54884e (ex-type) Rapistrum rugostrum Brassicaceae KJ197286 KJ197248 KJ197266 - - Thompson et al. (2015)
D. miriciae BRIP 55662c Glycine max Fabaceae KJ197283 KJ197245 KJ197263 - - Thompson et al. (2015)
  BRIP 54736j (ex-type) Helianthus annuus Asteraceae KJ197282 KJ197244 KJ197262 - - Thompson et al. (2015)
  BRIP 56918a Vigna radiata Papilionaceae KJ197284 KJ197246 KJ197264 - - Thompson et al. (2015)
D. multigutullata ZJUD 98 Citrus grandis Rosaceae KJ490633 KJ490512 KJ490454 KJ490575 - Huang et al. (2015)
D. musigena CBS 129519; CPC 17026 (ex-type) Musa sp., leaves Musaceae KC343143 KC343869 KC344111 KC343627 KC343385 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. neilliae CBS 144.27 Spiraea sp. Rosaceae KC343144 KC343870 KC344112 KC343628 KC343386 Udayanga et al. (2014a)
D. neoarctii CBS 109490 (ex-type) Ambrosia trifida Asteraceae KC343145 KC343871 KC344113 KC343629 KC343387 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. neoraonikayaporum MFLUCC 14-1136 Tectona grandis Verbenaceae KU712449 KU749369 KU743988 - KU749356 Doilom et al. (2017)
MFLUCC 14-1137 Tectona grandis Verbenaceae KU712450 KU749370 KU743989 - KU749357 Doilom et al. (2017)
  MFLUCC 14-1133 Tectona grandis Verbenaceae KU712448 KU749368 KU743987 - KU749355 Doilom et al. (2017)
D. nobilis CBS 200.39 Laurus nobilis, stem Lauraceae KC343151 KC343877 KC344119 KC343635 KC343393 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. nomurai CBS 157.29 Morus sp. Moraceae KC343154 KC343880 KC344122 KC343638 KC343396 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. nothofagi BRIP 54801 (ex-type) Nothofagus cunninghamii Fagaceae JX862530 JX862536 KF170922 - - Tan et al. (2013)
D. novem CBS 127269 Glycine max Fabaceae KC343155 KC343881 KC344123 KC343639 KC343397 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 127270 (ex-type) Glycine max Fabaceae KC343156 KC343882 KC344124 KC343640 KC343398 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. oncostoma CBS 100454 Robinia pseudoacacia, leaf spot Fabaceae KC343160 KC343886 KC344128 KC343644 KC343402 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 109741 Robinia pseudoacacia Fabaceae KC343161 KC343887 KC344129 KC343645 KC343403 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. oraccinii LC 3166 (ex-type) Camellia sinensis, leaf, endophyte Theaceae KP267863 KP267937 KP293443 KP293517 - Gao et al. (2016)
  LC 3296 Camellia sinensis, leaf, endophyte Theaceae KP267884 KP267958 KP293464 KP293538 - Gao et al. (2016)
D. ovalispora ZJUD93, CGMCC3.17256 Citrus limon Rosaceae KJ490628 KJ490507 KJ490449 KJ490570 - Huang et al. (2015)
D. oxe CBS 133186 (ex-type) Maytenus ilicifolia Celastraceae KC343164 KC343890 KC344132 KC343648 KC343406 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 133187 Maytenus ilicifolia Celastraceae KC343165 KC343891 KC344133 KC343649 KC343407 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. padi var. padi CBS 114200 Prunus padus Rosaceae KC343169 KC343895 KC344137 KC343653 KC343411 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 114649 Alnus glutinosa Betulaceae KC343170 KC343896 KC344138 KC343654 KC343412 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. paranensis CBS 133184 (ex-type) Maytenus ilicifolia Celastraceae KC343171 KC343897 Kc344139 KC343655 KC343413 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. pascoei BRIP 54847 (ex-type) Persea americana Lauraceae JX862532 JX862538 KF170924 - - Tan et al. (2013)
D. penetriteum LC 3353 Camellia sinensis, leaf Theaceae KP714505 KP714517 KP714529 KP714493 - Gao et al. (2016)
  LC 3394 Camellia sinensis, leaf Theaceae KP267893 KP267967 KP293473 KP293547 - Gao et al. (2016)
D. perjuncta CBS 109745 (ex-type) Ulmus glabra Ulmaceae KC343172 KC343898 KC344140 KC343656 KC343414 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. perniciosa CBS 124030 Malus pumila, bark Rosaceae KC343149 KC343875 KC344117 KC343633 KC343391 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. perseae CBS 151.73 Perseae gratissima, young fruit Lauraceae KC343173 KC343899 KC344141 KC343657 KC343415 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. phaseolorum AR 4203, CBS 139281 Phaseolus vulgaris Fabaceae KJ590738 KJ590739 KJ610893 KJ659220 - Huang et al. (2015)
  CBS 116019 Caperonia palustris Euphorbiaceae KC343175 KC343901 KC344143 KC343659 KC343417 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 116020 Aster exilis Asteraceae KC343176 KC343902 KC344144 KC343660 KC343418 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. podocarpi-macrophylli CGMCC 3.18281 = LC 6155 Podocarpus macrophyllus, endophyte Podocarpaceae KX986774 KX999167 KX999207 KX999246 KX999278 This study
  LC 6144 Podocarpus macrophyllus, endophyte Podocarpaceae KX986773 KX999166 KX999206 KX999245 - This study
  LC 6194 Podocarpus macrophyllus, endophyte Podocarpaceae KX986765 KX999156 KX999196 KX999236 KX999275 This study
  LC 6197 Podocarpus macrophyllus, endophyte Podocarpaceae KX986777 KX999170 KX999210 KX999249 KX999279 This study
  LC 6200 Podocarpus macrophyllus, endophyte Podocarpaceae KX986769 KX999161 KX999201 KX999240 KX999276 This study
  LC 6229 Olea europaea, endophytes Oleaceae KX986771 KX999164 KX999204 KX999243 KX999277 This study
D. pseudomangiferae CBS 101339 (ex-type) Mangifera indica Anacardiaceae KC343181 KC343907 KC344149 KC343665 KC343423 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 388.89 Mangifera indica, peel of fruit Anacardiaceae KC343182 KC343908 KC344150 KC343666 KC343424 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. pseudophoenicicola CBS 462.69 (ex-type) Phoenix dactylifera, dead tops of green leaves Anacardiaceae KC343184 KC343910 KC344152 KC343668 KC343426 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 176.77 Mangifera indica, showing dieback Anacardiaceae KC343183 KC343909 KC344151 KC343667 KC343425 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. pterocarpi MFLUCC 10-0571 Pterocarous indicus Papilionaceae JQ619899 JX275416 JX275460 - JX197451 Udayanga et al. (2012)
  MFLUCC 10-0575 Pterocarous indicus Papilionaceae JQ619901 JX275418 JX275462 - JX197453 Udayanga et al. (2012)
D. pterocarpicola MFLUCC 10-0580a (ex-type) Piterocarpus indicus Papilionaceae JQ619887 JX275403 JX275441 - JX197433 Udayanga et al. (2012)
  MFLUCC 10-0580b Piterocarpus indicus Papilionaceae JQ619888 JX275404 JX275442 - JX197434 Udayanga et al. (2012)
D. pulla CBS 338.89 Hedera helix Araliaceae KC343152 KC343878 KC344120 KC343636 - Udayanga et al. (2014a)
D. pustulata CBS 109742 Acer pseudoplatanus Aceraceae KC343185 KC343911 KC344153 KC343669 KC343427 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 109760 Acer pseudoplatanus Aceraceae KC343186 KC343912 KC344154 KC343670 KC343428 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. raonikayaporum CBS 133182 (ex-type) Spondias mombin Anacardiaceae KC343188 KC343914 KC344156 KC343672 KC343430 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. rhoina CBS 146.27 Rhus toxicodendron Anacardiaceae KC343189 KC343915 KC344157 KC343673 KC343431 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. rudis CBS 113201 (ex-type) Vitis vinifera Vitaceae KC343234 KC343960 KC344202 KC343718 KC343476 Machingambi et al. (2015)
  CBS 114011 Vitis Vinifera Vitaceae KC343235 KC343961 KC344203 KC343718 KC343477 Machingambi et al. (2015)
D. saccarata CBS 116311 (ex-type) Protea repens, cankers Proteceae KC343190 KC343916 KC344158 KC343674 KC343432 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. sackstonii BRIP 54669b (ex-type) Helianthus annuus Asteraceae KJ197287 KJ197249 KJ197267 - - Gomes et al. (2013)
D. salicicola BRIP 54825 (ex-type) Salix purpurea Salicaceae JX862531 JX862537 KF170923 - - Gomes et al. (2013)
D. schini LGMF 910, CPC 20286 Schinus terebinthifolius, endophytic in leaf Anacardiaceae KC343192 KC343918 KC344160 KC343676 KC343434 Thompson et al. (2015)
  CBS 133181 (ex-type) Schinus terebinthifolius, endophytic in leaf Anacardiaceae KC343191 KC343917 KC344159 KC343675 KC343433 Tan et al. (2013)
D. sclerotioides CBS 296.67 (ex-type) Cucumis sativus Cucurbitaceae KC343193 KC343919 KC344161 KC343677 KC343435 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 710.76 Cucumis sativus Cucurbitaceae KC343194 KC343920 KC344162 KC343678 KC343436 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. scobina CBS 251.38 Fraxinus Excelsior, living and dead twig Oleaceae KC343195 KC343921 KC344163 KC343679 KC343437 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. serafiniae BRIP 55665a (ex-type) Helianthus annuus Asteraceae KJ197274 KJ197236 KJ197254 - - Gomes et al. (2013)
  BRIP 54136 Lupinus albus “Rosetta” Fabaceae KJ197273 KJ197235 KJ197253 - - Gomes et al. (2013)
D. siamensis MFLUCC 10_0573a Dasymaschalon sp. Annonaceae JQ619879 JX275393 JX275429 - - Thompson et al. (2015)
  MFLUCC 10_0573b Dasymaschalon sp. Annonaceae JQ619880 JX275395 JX275430 - - Thompson et al. (2015)
D. sojae CBS 100.87 Glycine soja Fabaceae KC343196 KC343922 KC344164 KC343680 KC343438 Udayanga et al. (2012)
  CBS 116017 Euphorbia nutans Euphorbiaceae KC343197 KC343923 KC344165 KC343681 KC343439 Udayanga et al. (2012)
  FAU 635 Glycine max Fabaceae KJ590719 KJ590762 KJ610875 KJ659208 - Gomes et al. (2013)
D. sterilis CBS 136969 (ex-type) Vaccinium corymbosum Ericaceae KJ160579 KJ160611 KJ160528 - KJ160548 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 136970 Vaccinium corymbosum Ericaceae KJ160580 KJ160612 KJ160529 - KJ160549 Huang et al. (2015)
D. stewartii CBS 193.36 - - FJ889448 GQ250324 - - - Lombard et al. (2014)
D. stictica CBS 370.54 Buxus sampervirens, dead twig Buxaceae KC343212 KC343938 KC344180 KC343696 KC343454 Lombard et al. (2014)
D. subclavata ZJUD83, CGMCC 3.17253 Citrus grandis cv. Shatianyou Rosaceae KJ490618 KJ490497 KJ490439 KJ490560 - Udayanga et al. (2011)
  ZJUD95, CGMCC 3.17257 Citrus unshiu Rosaceae KJ490630 KJ490509 KJ490451 KJ490572 - Gomes et al. (2013)
D. subordinaria CBS 101711 Plantago lanceolata Plantaginaceae KC343213 KC343939 KC344181 KC343697 KC343455 Huang et al. (2015)
  CBS 464.90 Plantago lanceolata Plantaginaceae Kc343214 KC343940 KC344182 KC343698 KC343456 Huang et al. (2015)
D. tecomae CBS 100547 Tabebuia sp. Bignoniaceae KC343215 KC343941 KC344183 KC343699 KC343457 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. tectonae MFLUCC 12-0777 Tectona grandis Verbenaceae KU712430 KU749359 KU743977 - KU749345 Gomes et al. (2013)
  MFLUCC 14-1138 Tectona grandis Verbenaceae KU712437 KU749365 KU743984 - KU749352 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. tectonendo-phytica MFLUCC 13-0471 Tectona grandis Verbenaceae KU712439 KU749367 KU743986 - KU749354 Doilom et al. (2017)
D. tectonigena MFLUCC 12-0767 Tectona grandis Verbenaceae KU712429 KU749371 KU743976 - KU749358 Doilom et al. (2017)
D. terebinthifolii CBS 133180 Schinus terebinthifolius Anacardiaceae KC343216 KC343942 KC344184 KC343700 KC343458 Doilom et al. (2017)
  LGMF 907 Schinus terebinthifolius Anacardiaceae KC343217 KC343943 KC344185 KC343701 KC343459 Doilom et al. (2017)
D. thunbergii MFLUCC 10_0756a Thunbergia laurifolia Acanthaceae JQ619893 JX275409 JX275449 - JX197440 Doilom et al. (2017)
  MFLUCC 10_0756b Thunbergia laurifolia Acanthaceae JQ619894 JX275410 JX275450 - JX197441 Doilom et al. (2017)
D. toxica CBS 534.93 (ex-type) Lupinus angustifolius, stem Fabaceae KC343220 KC343946 KC344188 KC343704 KC343462 Udayanga et al. (2012)
  CBS 535.93 Lupinus sp. Fabaceae KC343221 KC343947 KC344189 KC343705 KC343463 Udayanga et al. (2012)
D. tulliensis BRIP 62248a Theobroma cacao Sterculiaceae KR936130 KR936133 KR936132 - - Gomes et al. (2013)
D. ueckerae FAU 656 Cucumis melo Cucurbitaceae KJ590726 KJ590747 KJ610881 KJ659215 - Gomes et al. (2013)
  FAU 658 Cucumis melo Cucurbitaceae KJ590725 KJ590746 KJ610880 KJ659214 - Crous et al. (2015)
D. undulata CGMCC 3.18293 = LC 6624 Unknown host, pathogen - KX986798 KX999190 KX999230 KX999269   Huang et al. (2015)
  LC 8110 Unknown host, pathogen - KY491545 KY491555 KY491565 - - Huang et al. (2015)
  LC 8111 Unknown host, pathogen - KY491546 KY491556 KY491566 - - This study
D. unshiuensis ZJUD51,CGMCC3.17568 Fortunella margarita Rutaceae KJ490586 KJ490465 KJ490407 KJ490528 - This study
  ZJUD52, CGMCC3.17569 Citrus unshiu Rosaceae KJ490587 KJ490466 KJ490408 KJ490529 - This study
D. vaccinii CBS 160.32 (ex-type) Oxycoccus macrocarpos Ericaceae KC343228 KC343954 KC344196 KC343712 KC343470 Huang et al. (2015)
  CBS 118571 Vaccinium corymbosum Ericaceae KC343223 KC343949 KC344191 KC343707 KC343465 Huang et al. (2015)
D. vawdreyi BRIP 57887a Psidium guajava Sterculiaceae KR936126 KR936129 KR936128 - - Gomes et al. (2013)
D. velutina CGMCC 3.18286 = LC 4421 Neolitsea sp., pathogen Lauraceae KX986790 KX999182 KX999223 KX999261   Gomes et al. (2013)
  LC 4419 Neolitsea sp., pathogen Lauraceae KX986789 KX999181 KX999222 KX999260 KX999286 Crous et al. (2015)
  LC 4641 Callerya cinerea, pathogen Fabaceae KX986792 KX999184 KX999225 KX999263 KX999287 This study
  LC 4788 Unknown host, pathogen - KX986785 KX999177 KX999218 KX999256 KX999285 This study
  LC 6708 Camellia sinensis, pathogen Theaceae KX986787 KX999179 KX999220 KX999258   This study
D. vexans CBS 127.14 Solanum melongena Solanaceae KC343229 KC343955 KC344197 KC343713 KC343471 This study
D. virgilia CMW 40755 (ex-type) Virgilia oroboides Unknown KP247573 - KP247582 - - This study
  CMW 40748 Virgilia oroboides Unknown KP247566 - KP247575 - - Gomes et al. (2013)
D. woodii CBS 558.93 Lupinus sp. Fabaceae KC343244 KC343970 KC344212 KC343728 KC343486 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. woolworthii CBS 148.27 Ulmus americana Ulmaceae KC343245 KC343971 KC344213 KC343729 KC343487 Gomes et al. (2013)
D. xishuangbanica CGMCC 3.18282= LC 6707 Camellia sinensis, pathogen Theaceae KX986783 KX999175 KX999216 KX999255 - This study
  LC 6744 Camellia sinensis, pathogen Theaceae KX986784 KX999176 KX999217 - - This study
D. yunnanensis CGMCC 3.18289 = LC6168 Coffea sp., endophytes Rubiaceae KX986796 KX999188 KX999228 KX999267 KX999290 This study
  LC 8106 Coffea sp., endophytes Rubiaceae KY491541 KY491551 KY491561 - KY491571 This study
  LC 8107 Coffea sp., endophytes Rubiaceae KY491542 KY491552 KY491562 - KY491572 This study
Diaporthe sp. LC 6496 Camellia sinensis, endophytes Theaceae KX986781 KX999173 KX999214 KX999253 KX999283 This study
  LC 6512 Camellia sinensis, endophyte Theaceae KX986782 KX999174 KX999215 KX999254 KX999284 This study
  LC 6232 Theobroma cacao, endophyte Sterculiaceae KX986797 KX999189 KX999229 KX999268 KX999291 This study
  LC 8108 Theobroma cacao, endophyte Sterculiaceae KY491543 KY491553 KY491563 - KY491573 This study
  LC 8109 Theobroma cacao, endophyte Sterculiaceae KY491544 KY491554 KY491564 - KY491574 This study
  LC 6623 Unknown host, pathogen - KX986795 KX999187 KX999227 KX999266 - This study
  LC 8114 Unknown host, pathogen - KY491549 KY491559 KY491569 - - This study
  LC 8115 Unknown host, pathogen - KY491550 KY491560 KY491570 - - This study
  LGMF 947 Glycine max, seed Fabaceae KC343203 KC343929 KC344171 KC343687 KC343445 Gomes et al. (2013)
  CBS 119639 Man, abscess - KC343202 KC343928 KC344170 KC343687 KC343444 Gomes et al. (2013)
Diaporthe sp. 1 CGMCC 3.18292 = LC 0771 Alnus sp., pathogen Betulaceae KX986799 KX999191 KX999231 KX999270 KX999292 This study
Diaporthe sp. 2 CGMCC 3.18291 = LC 6140 Acer sp., endophyte Aceraceae KX986799 KX999191 KX999231 KX999270 KX999292 This study
  LC8112 Acer sp., endophyte Aceraceae KY491547 KY491557 KY491567 - KY491575 This study
  LC8113 Acer sp., endophyte Aceraceae KY491548 KY491558 KY491568 - KY491576 This study
Diaporthella corylina CBS 121124 Corylus sp., dying stems Corylaceae KC343004 KC343730 KC343972 KC343488 KC343246 Gomes et al. (2013)
P. conorum CBS 587.79 Penus pentaphylla Pinaceae KC343153 KC343879 KC344121 KC343637 KC343395 Gomes et al. (2013)
P. emicis BRIP 45089a (ex-type) Emex australis Polygonaceae JF957784 JX275414 JX275458 - JX197449 Udayanga et al. (2012)
P. fukushii CBS 116953 Pyrus pyrifolia Roseceae KC343147 KC343873 KC344115 KC343631 KC343389 Gomes et al. (2013)
  BRIP 45089b Emex australis Polygonaceae JQ619898 JX275415 JX275459 - JX197450 Udayanga et al. (2012)
  1. -: not provided in literatures.