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Table 1 Material in the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants specific to fungi. Changes implemented at the Shenzhen IBC are in bold

From: Fungal nomenclature evolving: changes adopted by the 19th International Botanical Congress in Shenzhen 2017, and procedures for the Fungal Nomenclature Session at the 11th International Mycological Congress in Puerto Rico 2018

Preamble 8 What organisms are treated as fungi.
Art. 13.1 (d) Starting point date.
Arts 14.13 and 56.3 Treatment of lists of names from working groups. Exemption for lichen-forming fungi removed. Art 14.13 amended so that names on lists are designated as protected’, with addition of protection against unlisted names as well as listed names.
Art. 15 and Rec. 50E.3 Sanctioning. Added option of citing as nom. sanct.
Art. 42 Registration. Added compulsory registration of later typifications from 1 Jan 2019.
Art. 57.2 Deleted.
Art. 59 Pleomorphic fungi.
Div. III Governance. Changed to empower formal Fungal Nomenclature Session at IMC and election of Nomenclature Committee for Fungi by IMC.