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Fig. 10

From: Multiple new cryptic pathogenic Phytophthora species from Fagaceae forests in Austria, Italy and Portugal

Fig. 10

Phytophthora vulcanica (CBS 141216 — ex-type). A–I. Sporangia formed on V8 agar (V8A) flooded with soil extract. A–E. Nonpapillate with flat apex. A–B. Ovoid. C. Elongated ovoid. D. Limoniform, on short lateral hypha. E. Elongated ellipsoid. F. Empty sporangia after release of zoospores through wide exitpores, showing external proliferation. G. Empty sporangium with both internal nested proliferation (arrow) and external proliferation forming a mature ovoid sporangium. H. Empty, elongated ellipsoid sporangium with internal nested proliferation. I. Empty ovoid sporangium with internal extended proliferation. J–N. Mature, golden-brown oogonia formed in single culture in V8A, with medium thick-walled oospores. J. Subglobose with aplerotic globose oospore and amphigynous antheridium. K. Elongated, slightly excentric with aplerotic subglobose oospore and paragynous antheridium. L. Obovoid with aplerotic globose oospore and paragynous antheridium. M. Elongated ellipsoid with aplerotic ellipsoid oospore and paragynous antheridium. N. Elongated pyriform with plerotic ellipsoid oospore. O. Globose and triangular, catenulate hyphal swellings. P. Dense hyphal aggregation. Q. Tubular to elongated club-shaped hyphae. Bar A–O = 25 µm, P–Q = 40 µm.

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