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Fig. 9

From: Multiple new cryptic pathogenic Phytophthora species from Fagaceae forests in Austria, Italy and Portugal

Fig. 9

Phytophthora tyrrhenica (CBS 142301 —— ex-type). A–I. Sporangia formed on V8 agar (V8A) flooded with soil extract. A–D. Nonpapillate with flat apex. A. Ellipsoid. B. Limoniform with tapering base. C. Elongated ellipsoid. D. Mature ovoid (right) and empty with wide exit pore and internal nested proliferation (left). E–I. Empty with wide exit pores and internal extended (E) or internal nested proliferation (F–I). J–N. Mature, golden-brown, smooth-walled, globose oogonia formed in single culture in V8A, containing thick-walled plerotic oospores with big ooplasts, with paragynous antheridia. K–L. Antheridia with finger-like hyphal extensions. O–P. Globose, limoniform and angular catenulate hyphal swellings formed on V8A flooded with soil extract. Bar A–O = 25 µm, P = 50 µm.

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