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Fig. 6

From: Calonectria species isolated from Eucalyptus plantations and nurseries in South China

Fig. 6

Calonectria pseudoturangicola. A. Perithecium. B. Vertical section through a perithecium. C. Cells around ostiolar region of perithecium. D. Section through lateral perithecial wall. E–F. Asci. G. Ascospores. H–I. Macroconidiophore. J–K. Sphaeropedunculate vesicles. L–M. Conidiogenous apparatus with conidiophore branches and doliiform to reniform phialides. N. Macroconidia. Bars: A = 200 µm; B = 50 µm; C–F and H–I = 20 µm; G and J–N = 10 µm.

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