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Table 1 Taxa, vouchers, geographic origin, and DNA sequences of Auritella and Crepidotus used in this study. All types indicated are holotypes. New sequences produced by this work are in bold.

From: New species of Auritella (Inocybaceae) from Cameroon, with a worldwide key to the known species

Species Specimen-voucher (Collection) Geographic origin GenBank accession no.
ITS nLSU rpb2
A. arenicolens OKM23824 (PERTH) Western Australia MF474176 MF476239 MF490438
A. arenicolens E5465 (PERTH) Western Australia KT382278 KT378209 KT378216
A. arenicolens NLB412 (PERTH) Western Australia JX258833 KT378211
A. arenicolens KS540/92 (PERTH) Western Australia MF374757
A.arenicolens KS1873/07 (PERTH) Western Australia KJ729857 KJ702338 KJ729920
A. aureoplumosa Wat23132 (E; type) Cameroon AY635766
A.aureoplumosa Wat26727 (E) Cameroon KT378200
A. aureoplumosa L5206_Inoc_Cam02 (ectomycorrhiza) Cameroon FR731774
A. brunnescens PBM3173 (TENN) New South Wales KJ702343 JQ313558 KJ702348
A. brunnescens PBM3174 (TENN) New South Wales KJ702344 JQ313571 KJ702349
A. brunnescens PBM3721 (TENN) Queensland KJ702345 KJ702340 KJ702350
A. brunnescens NLB942 (PERTH; type) Queensland KJ702342 KJ702339 KJ702347
A. brunnescens NLB963 (TENN) Queensland KJ702346 KJ702341 KJ702351
A. chamaecephala PBM2212 (TENN) Western Australia AY635765 AY635781
A. chamaecephala NLB1079 (PERTH) Western Australia KT378201 KT378205 KT378212
A. dolichocystis T24844 (WTU) New South Wales AY380371 AY337371
A. dolichocystis T24843 (WTU) New South Wales AY635764 AY635780
A. dolichocystis T24838 (PERTH; type) New South Wales AY635763 AY635767
A. foveata TBGT9631 (TENN; type) Kerala GU062740 GU062739 GU062738
A. fulvella AQ669485 (BRI) Queensland KJ702355 KJ702353 KJ702357
A. fulvella AQ669492 (BRI; type) Queensland KJ702354 KJ702352 KJ702356
A. fulvella MEL2382701 Northern Territory KP012880 KT378210
A. geoaustralis H7344 (PERTH, type) Western Australia AY380395 AY333774
A. hispida TH9857 (YA) Cameroon KT378202 KT378208 KT378213
A. hispida TH10009 (YA) Cameroon KT378203 KT378207 KT378215
A. hispida TH10291 (YA) Cameroon MF374758
A. hispida TH10317 (YA) Cameroon MF374759
A. hispida TH10331 (YA) Cameroon MF374760
A. hispida TH10354 (YA) Cameroon MF374761
A. hispida TH10379 (YA; type) Cameroon MF374762 MF476240
A. robusta I163 (HO; type) Tasmania KJ702359 KJ702358 KJ702357
A. serpentinocystis PBM3188 (TENN) New South Wales KJ729858 JQ313559 KJ756402
A. serpentinocystis T25080 (PERTH; type) New South Wales AY038325 AY333773
A. spiculosa MCA7031 (YA) Cameroon MF374763
A. spiculosa TH9866 (YA) Cameroon KT378204 KT378206 KT378214
A. spiculosa TH10292 (YA) Cameroon MF374764
A. spiculosa TH10303 (YA) Cameroon MF374765
A. spiculosa TH10316 (YA; type) Cameroon MF374766 MF476241
A. spiculosa TH10332 (YA) Cameroon MF374767
A. spiculosa TH10372 (YA) Cameroon MF374768
Inocybe” sp. TU112047 Gabon JQ657772
Inocybe” sp. TU112061 Gabon JQ657775
C. cf. applanatus PBM717 (WTU) Washington AY380406 AY333311
C. crocophyllus PBM3047 (TENN) California GQ893025
C. mollis PBM1036 (WTU) Washington DQ986293
C. versutus PBM856 (WTU) Washington AY820890 AY333312
Crepidotus sp. PBM3237 (TENN) Tasmania KT382279 KT382280
Crepidotus sp. PBM3463 (TENN) Western Australia HQ728538 HQ728540