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Fig. 3

From: A phylogenetically-based nomenclature for Cordycipitaceae (Hypocreales)

Fig. 3

Representative taxa for Cordycipitaceae. A. Isaria sp. CEM 1729). B. Torrubiella arachnophila (rmk 12-001). C. Cordyceps bifusispora (CEM 1615). D. Cordyceps confragosa (CEM 1633). E. Isaria tenuipes (CEM 1032). F. Cordyceps militaris (CEM 740). G. Cordyceps rosea (CEM 1734). H. Cordyceps cf. cardinalis (CEM 1733). I. Cordyceps takaomontana with co-occurring I. tenuipes (CEM 1954). J. Cordyceps nelumboides (TNS 16306). Images not to scale.

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