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Table 2 Voucher information and Genbank numbers for samples appearing in Figure 1.

From: A phylogenetically-based nomenclature for Cordycipitaceae (Hypocreales)

Species Collection nrSSU nrLSU TEF RPB1 RPB2
Akanthomyces aculeatus HUA 186145 MF416572 MF416520 MF416465   
Akanthomyces arachnophilus NHJ 10469 EU369090 EU369031 EU369008 EU369047  
Akanthomyces cinereus NHJ 3510 EU369091   EU369009 EU369048 EU369070
Akanthomyces novoguineensis NHJ 13117 EU369092   EU369010 EU369049 EU369073
Akanthomyces novoguineensis NHJ 13161 EU369093   EU369011 EU369050  
Akanthomyces novoguineensis NHJ 4314 EU369094   EU369012 EU369051 EU369071
Akanthomyces novoguineensis NHJ 11923 EU369095 EU369032 EU369013 EU369052 EU369072
Akanthomyces pistillariaeformis HUA 186131 MF416573 MF416521 MF416466   
Ascopolyporus polychrous P.C. 546   DQ118737 DQ118745 DQ127236  
Ascopolyporus villosus ARSEF 6355   AY886544 DQ118750 DQ127241  
Beauveria bassiana ARSEF1564    HQ880974 HQ880833 HQ880905
Beauveria blattidicola MCA 1727 MF416593 MF416539 MF416483 MF416640  
Beauveria blattidicola MCA 1814 MF416594 MF416540 MF416484 MF416641  
Beauveria brongniartii ARSEF 617    HQ880991 HQ880854 HQ880926
Beauveria caledonica ARSEF 2567 AF339570 AF339520 EF469057 EF469086  
Beauveria malawiensis ARSEF 7760    DQ376246 HQ880897 HQ880969
Beauveria pseudobassiana ARSEF 3405    AY531931 HQ880864 HQ880936
Cordyceps acridophila MCA 1181 MF416574 MF416522   MF416628  
Cordyceps acridophila HUA 179220 JQ895527 JQ895536 JQ958614 JX003852 JX003842
Cordyceps acridophila HUA 179219   JQ895541 JQ958613 JX003857 JX003841
Cordyceps acridophila HUA 179221 JQ895526 JQ895537 JQ958615 JX003853 JX003843
Cordyceps albocitrina spat 07-174 MF416575   MF416467 MF416629  
Cordyceps bifusispora EFCC 5690 EF468952 EF468806 EF468746 EF468854 EF468909
Cordyceps bifusispora EFCC 8260 EF468953 EF468807 EF468747 EF468855 EF468910
Cordyceps bifusispora spat 08-129 MF416576 MF416523 MF416468 MF416630  
Cordyceps bifusispora spat 08-133.1 MF416577 MF416524 MF416469 MF416631 MF416434
Cordyceps brongniartii BCC 16585 JF415951 JF415967 JF416009 JN049885 JF415991
Cordyceps caloceroides MCA 2249 MF416578 MF416525 MF416470 MF416632  
Cordyceps caloceroides QCNE 186715 MF416579 MF416526    
Cordyceps cardinalis OSC 93609 AY184973 AY184962 DQ522325 DQ522370 DQ522422
Cordyceps cardinalis OSC 93610 AY184974 AY184963 EF469059 EF469088 EF469106
Cordyceps cf. cardinalis spat 09-052 MF416580 MF416527 MF416471 MF416633 MF416435
Cordyceps cf. ochraceostromata ARSEF 5691 EF468964 EF468819 EF468759 EF468867 EF468921
Cordyceps cf. pruniosa spat 08-115 MF416586 MF416532 MF416476 MF416635 MF416439
Cordyceps cf. pruniosa spat 09-021 MF416587 MF416533 MF416477 MF416636  
Cordyceps cf. takaomontana NHJ 12623 EF468984 EF468838 EF468778 EF468884 EF468932
Cordyceps cf. takaomontana BCC 12688 MF416599 MF416545 MF416489 MF416646  
Cordyceps coccidioperitheciata NHJ 5112 EU369109 EU369043 EU369026 EU369066  
Cordyceps coccidioperitheciata NHJ 6709 EU369110 EU369042 EU369025 EU369067 EU369086
Cordyceps confragosa spat 08-146 MF416581 MF416528 MF416472 MF416634 MF416436
Cordyceps diapheromeriphila MCA 1557 MF416582 MF416529    
Cordyceps diapheromeriphila QCNE 186714 MF416601 MF416547 MF416491 MF416648  
Cordyceps diapheromeriphila QCNE 186272 JQ895530 JQ895534 JQ958610 JX003848  
Cordyceps exasperata MCA 2155 MF416596 MF416542 MF416486 MF416643  
Cordyceps exasperata MCA 2288 MF416592 MF416538 MF416482 MF416639  
Cordyceps kyusyuensis EFCC 5886 EF468960 EF468813 EF468754 EF468863 EF468917
Cordyceps locustiphila HUA 179218 JQ895525 JQ895535 JQ958619 JX003846 JX003845
Cordyceps locustiphila HUA 179219 JQ958598 JQ958597   JX003847  
Cordyceps militaris OSC 93623 AY184977 AY184966 DQ522332 DQ522377 AY545732
Cordyceps nelumboides BCC 2093 MF416583 MF416530 MF416473   MF416437
Cordyceps nelumboides BCC 2190 MF416584 MF416531 MF416474   
Cordyceps nelumboides TNS 16306 MF416585   MF416475   MF416438
Cordyceps ninchuckispora EFCC 5197 EF468965 EF468820 EF468760 EF468868  
Cordyceps ninchuckispora EFCC 5693 EF468966 EF468821 EF468762 EF468869  
Cordyceps ninchuckispora NHJ 10627 EF468967 IEF468822 EF468763 EF468870  
Cordyceps ninchuckispora NHJ 10684 EF468968 EF468823 EF468761 EF468871  
Cordyceps ninchukispora EGS 38.165 EF468991 EF468846 EF468795 EF468900  
Cordyceps ninchukispora EGS 38.166 EF468992 EF468847 EF468794 EF468901  
Cordyceps piperis CBS 116719   AY466442 DQ118749 DQ127240 EU369083
Cordyceps polyarthra MCA 996 MF416597 MF416543 MF416487 MF416644  
Cordyceps polyarthra MCA 1009 MF416598 MF416544 MF416488 MF416645  
Cordyceps pseudomilitaris BCC 1919 MF416588 MF416534 MF416478   MF416440
Cordyceps pseudomilitaris BCC 2091 MF416589 MF416535 MF416479   MF416441
Cordyceps rosea spat 09-053 MF416590 MF416536 MF416480 MF416637 MF416442
Cordyceps scarabaeicola ARSEF 5689 AF339574 AF339524 DQ522335 DQ522380 DQ522431
Cordyceps sp. EFCC 2535 EF468980 EF468835 EF468772   
Cordyceps sp. RCEF HP090724-04C MF416591 MF416537 MF416481 MF416638 MF416443
Cordyceps staphylinidicola ARSEF 5718 EF468981 EF468836 EF468776 EF468881  
Cordyceps takaomontana MCA 1806 MF416595 MF416541 MF416485 MF416642  
Cordyceps tuberculata OSC 111002 DQ522553 DQ518767 DQ522338 DQ522384 DQ522435
Cordyceps tuberculata BCC 16819 MF416600 MF416546 MF416490 MF416647 MF416444
Engyodontium aranearum CBS 309.85 AF339576 AF339526 DQ522341 DQ522387 DQ522439
Evlachovaea kintrischica ARSEF 7218    GU734751   
Evlachovaea kintrischica ARSEF 8058    GU734750   
Gibellula leiopus BCC 16025 MF416602 MF416548 MF416492 MF416649  
Gibellula longispora NHJ 12014 EU369098   EU369017 EU369055 EU369075
Gibellula pulchra NHJ 10808 EU369099 EU369035 EU369018 EU369056 EU369076
Gibellula sp. NHJ 10788 EU369101 EU369036 EU369019 EU369058 EU369078
Gibellula sp. NHJ 13158 EU369100 EU369037 EU369020 EU369057 EU369077
Gibellula sp. NHJ 5401 EU369102    EU369059 EU369079
Hyperdermium caulium GenBank AF242354   AF242354    
Hyperdermium pulvinatum P.C. 602   DQ118738 DQ118746 DQ127237  
Isaria amoenerosea CBS 107.73 AY526464 MF416550 MF416494 MF416651 MF416445
Isaria amoenerosea CBS 729.73 MF416604 MF416551 MF416495 MF416652 MF416446
Isaria cf. farinosa OSC 111004 EF468986 EF468840 EF468780 EF468886  
Isaria cicadae RCEF HP090724-31 MF416605 MF416552 MF416496 MF416653 MF416447
Isaria coleopterorum CBS 110.73 JF415965 JF415988 JF416028 JN049903 JF416006
Isaria farinosa OSC 111005 DQ522558 DQ518772 DQ522348 DQ522394  
Isaria farinosa OSC 111006 EF469127 EF469080 EF469065 EF469094  
Isaria farinosa CBS 240.32 JF415958 JF415979 JF416019 JN049895 JF415999
Isaria farinosa CBS 262.58 AB023943 AB080087 MF416497 MF416654 MF416448
Isaria farinosa CBS 541.81 MF416606 MF416553 MF416498 MF416655 MF416449
Isaria farinosa CBS 111113 AY526474 MF416554 MF416499 MF416656 MF416450
Isaria fumosorosea CBS 337.52 MF416607 MF416555 MF416500 MF416657 MF416451
Isaria fumosorosea CBS 375.70 AB083035 AB083035 MF416501 MF416658 MF416452
Isaria fumosorosea CBS 107.10 MF416608 MF416556 MF416502 MF416659 MF416453
Isaria fumosorosea CBS 244.31 MF416609 MF416557 MF416503 MF416660 MF416454
Isaria javanica CBS 134.22 MF416610 MF416558 MF416504 MF416661 MF416455
Isaria sp. TNS 16333 MF416611   MF416505 MF416662 MF416456
Isaria sp. spat 09-050 MF416613 MF416559 MF416506 MF416663 MF416457
Isaria sp. spat 09-051 MF416614 MF416560 MF416507 MF416664 MF416458
Isaria tenuipes OSC 111007 DQ522559 DQ518773 DQ522349 DQ522395 DQ522449
Isaria tenuipes ARSEF 5135 MF416612 JF415980 JF416020 JN049896 JF416000
Lecanicillium antillanum CBS 350.85 AF339585 AF339536 DQ522350 DQ522396 DQ522450
Lecanicillium aranearum CBS 726.73a AF339586 AF339537 EF468781 EF468887 EF468934
Lecanicillium attenuatum CBS 402.78 AF339614 AF339565 EF468782 EF468888 EF468935
Lecanicillium fusisporum CBS 164.7 AF339598 AF339549 EF468783 EF468889  
Lecanicillium lecanii CBS 101247 AF339604 AF339555 DQ522359 DQ522407 DQ522466
Lecanicillium psalliotae CBS 532.81 AF339609 AF339560 EF469067 EF469096 EF469112
Lecanicillium psalliotae CBS 101270 EF469128 EF469081 EF469066 EF469095 EF469113
Lecanicillium psalliotae CBS 363.86 AF339608 AF339559 EF468784 EF468890  
Mariannaea pruinosa ARSEF5413 AY184979 AY184968 DQ522351 DQ522397 DQ522451
Microhilum oncoperae AFSEF 4358 AF339581 AF339532 EF468785 EF468891 EF468936
Simplicillium lamellicola CBS 116.25 AF339601 AF339552 DQ522356 DQ522404 DQ522462
Simplicillium lanosoniveum CBS 101267 AF339603 AF339554 DQ522357 DQ522405 DQ522463
Simplicillium lanosoniveum CBS 704.86 AF339602 AF339553 DQ522358 DQ522406 DQ522464
Simplicillium obclavatum CBS 311.74 AF339567 AF339517 EF468798   
Torrubiella ratticaudata ARSEF 1915 DQ522562 DQ518777 DQ522360 DQ522408 DQ522467
Torrubiella sp. NHJ 7859 EU369107    EU 369064 EU369085
Torrubiella wallacei CBS 101237 AY184978 AY184967 EF469073 EF469102 EF469119
Verticillium sp. CBS 102184 AF339613 AF339564 EF468803 EF468907 EF468948