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Fig. 1

From: An expanded phylogeny for the genus Phytophthora

Fig. 1

A phylogeny for the genus Phytophthora based on concatenated sequences of seven nuclear genetic markers. Topology and branch lengths of maximum likelihood analysis are shown. Bootstrap values for maximum likelihood and maximum parsimony, and Bayesian posterior probabilities (percentages) are indicated on individual nodes and separated by a forward slash. An asterisk is used in place of nodes with unambiguous (100 %) support in all three analyses. A dash is used in place of a topology from an analysis ambiguous to the other two analyses and these sets of numbers with ambiguity in one analysis are also highlighted in red. Detailed structures of clades 2, 6, 7, and 9 are shown in Figs 25, respectively. Species represented by ex-types and authentic isolates are written in brown and blue, respectively. Branches indicating three hypothesized evolutionary paths with all species producing papillate or semi-papillate sporangia are drawn in red or orange, respectively. Scale bar indicates number of substitutions per site.

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