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Table 1 Species and GenBank accessions for the Translation Elongation Factor 1-alpha (TEF 1-alpha) and Internal Transcribed Spacer (ITS) sequences used for Maximum Parsimony inference.

From: Draft genome of Cercospora zeina, Fusarium pininemorale, Hawksworthiomyces lignivorus, Huntiella decipiens and Ophiostoma ips

  GenBank accession
Species TEF 1-alpha ITS
Cercospora alchemillicola strain CPC 5259 JX143279.1 JX143525.1
Cercospora althaeina strain CBS 126.26 JX143282.1 JX143528.1
Cercospora apii strain CBS 116504 AY840487.1 AY840520.1
Cercospora beticola strain CBS 116502 AY840496.1 AY840529.1
Cercospora chinensis strain CBS 132612 JX143334.1 JX143578.1
Cercospora mercurialis strain CBS 549.71 JX143386.1 JX143627.1
Cercospora olivascens strain CBS 253.67 JX143391.1 JX143632.1
Cercospora ricinella strain CBS 132605 JX143405.1 JX143646.1
Cercospora sp. F JZG-2013 strain CPC 12062 DQ185083.1 DQ185071.1
Cercospora vignigena strain CBS 132611 JX143493.1 JX143734.1
Cercospora violae strain CBS 251.67 JX143496.1 JX143737.1
Cercospora zeae-maydis strain CBS 117755 DQ185084.1 DQ185072.1
Cercospora zeae-maydis strain CBS 117756 DQ185085.1 DQ185073.1
Cercospora zeae-maydis strain CBS 117757 DQ185086.1 DQ185074.1
Cercospora zeae-maydis strain CBS 117758 DQ185087.1 DQ185075.1
Cercospora zeae-maydis strain CBS 117759 DQ185088.1 DQ185076.1
Cercospora zeina strain CMW 25445 EU569217.1 EU569225.1
Cercospora zeina strain CMW 25459 EU569215.1 EU569226.1
Cercospora zeina strain CMW 25462 EU569210.1 EU569224.1
Cercospora zeina strain CMW 25467 EU569218.1 EU569227.1
Cercospora zeina strain CMW 25467 genome MVDW00000000
Mycosphaerella thailandica strain CBS 116367 AY840476.1 KF901776.1
Mycosphaerella thailandica strain CPC 10548 AY840477.2 AY752157.1