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Table 5 Index of substitution saturation as well as the critical value of the index of substitution saturation used to measure the level of substitution saturation within the FFSC mitochondrial genes (nad3, nad5, nad6, atp6, and cox2).

From: Mitochondrial introgression and interspecies recombination in the Fusarium fujikuroi species complex

Genes   Saturation (1+2 position)   Saturation (3 position)
  Iss.criticalb Issa Iss.criticalb Issa
atp6 0.7009 0.0173 0.6111 0.0197
nad3 0.7341 0.0102 0.7922 0.0341
nad5 0.7758 0.0017 0.7283 0.0263
nad6 0.6941 0.0043 0.6429 0.045
cox2 0.6886 0.1582 0.6886 0.2665
  1. aIss = information entropy-based index of substitution saturation determined with DAMBE5 (Xia 2013) by testing if the observed entropy at site i is significantly smaller than the expected entropy under full substitution saturation.
  2. bIss.critical = critical ISS value estimated with DAMBE 5 (Xia 2013). The critical ISS depend on the topology of the true tree, the number of OTUs, the sequence length, nucleotide frequency and the transition/transversion ratio (Xia et al. 2003, Xia & Lemey 2009).