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Table 2 Type strains employed for contigs identification.

From: NGS barcode sequencing in taxonomy and diagnostics, an application in “Candida” pathogenic yeasts with a metagenomic perspective

Species Strain
Candida albicans CBS 562
Candida dubliniensis CBS 7987
Candida famata CBS 1795
Candida glabrata CBS 138
Issatchenkia orientalis CBS 573
Candida metapsilosis CBS 10907
Candida orthopsilosis CBS 10906
Candida parapsilosis CBS 604
Candida pararugosa CBS 1010
Diutina rugosa CBS 613
Candida sake CBS 159
Candida tropicalis CBS 94
Candida utilis CBS 621
Candida lusitaniae CBS 6936
Meyerozyma guilliermondii CBS 2030
Saccharomyces cerevisiae* CBS 1171
  1. *Outgroup type strain.