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Fig. 10

From: Panama, a hot spot for Hermatomyces (Hermatomycetaceae, Pleosporales) with five new species, and a critical synopsis of the genus

Fig. 10

Revised fungarium collections of Hermatomyces sphaericus A. Envelope of the holotype of Stemphylium sphaericum (K(M) IMI 37763). B–D. Mature conidia. E. Envelope of collection PRM 842348. F. Content of the envelope including remarks on morphology. G–I. Mature conidia. J. Envelope of collection PRM 838101. K. Colony on the substrate. L–M. Mature conidia. Bar B–D = 10 µm, G–I = 10 µm, K = 500 µm, L–M = 10 µm.

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