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Fig. 3

From: Panama, a hot spot for Hermatomyces (Hermatomycetaceae, Pleosporales) with five new species, and a critical synopsis of the genus

Fig. 3

Morphology of Hermatomyces colonies in culture. A–C. H. bifurcatus (CCF 5899). D–F. H. constrictus (CCF 5904). G–I. H. megasporus (CCF 5898). J–L. H. reticulatus (CCF 5893). M–O. H. sphaericoides (CCF 5908). P–R. H. sphaericus (CCF 5894). S–U. H. tucumanensis (CCF 5913). V–X. H. verrucosus (CCF 5903). All after 7 d growth at 25 °C on MEA, PCA or PDA (from left to right).

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