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Table 1 Living cultures included in this study, their collection details and GenBank accession numbers.

From: Panama, a hot spot for Hermatomyces (Hermatomycetaceae, Pleosporales) with five new species, and a critical synopsis of the genus

Taxon Strain (herbarium collection) Country of origin Host   GenBank accession numbers   Reference
Fungal sp. ARIZ:PS0053 Panama Apeiba membranacea KU977564 - - - - Unpublished
Antealophiotrema brunneosporum CBS 123095 France Salix sp. LC194474 - - - - Hashimoto et al. (2017)
Byssolophis sphaericoides IFRDCC 2053 unknown unknown - GU301805 - - - Zhang et al. (2009)
H. bifurcatus CCF 5899 (PRM 946196) Panama unknown shrub LS398262 LS398262 LS398416 LS398343 LS398441 This study
H. bifurcatus CCF 5900 (PMA 116075) Panama unknown shrub LS398263 LS398263 LS398417 LS398344 LS398442 This study
H. chiangmaiensis MFLUCC 16-2817 Thailand Pandanus sp. - KY559394 - - - Tibpromma et al. (2017)
H. chromolaenae MFLUCC 16-2818 Thailand Chromolaena odorata - KY559393 - - - Tibpromma et al. (2017)
H. constrictus CCF 5904 (PMA 116076, PRC 4107) Panama Bauhinia cumanensis LS398264 LS398264 LS398418 LS398345 LS398443 This study
H. indicus MFLUCC 14-1143 Thailand Tectona grandis KU144920 KU764692 KU872754 KU712488 - Doilom et al. (2017)
H. indicus MFLUCC 14-1144 Thailand Tectona grandis KU144921 KU764693 KU872755 KU712489 - Doilom et al. (2017)
H. indicus MFLUCC 14-1145 Thailand Tectona grandis KU144922 KU764694 KU872756 KU712490 - Doilom et al. (2017)
H. iriomotensis KT 2016-1 Japan woody plant LC194483 LC194367 LC194394 LC194449 - Hashimoto et al. (2017)
H. krabiensis MFLUCC 16-0249 Thailand Pandanus odorifer KX525750 KX525742 KX525758 KX525754 - Tibpromma et al. (2016)
H. megasporus CCF 5897 (PRM 946198) Panama unknown shrub LS398265 - LS398419 LS398346 LS398444 This study
H. megasporus CCF 5898 (PMA 116077) Panama unknown shrub LS398266 LS398266 LS398420 - LS398445 This study
H. nabanheensis KUMCC 16-0149 P.R. China Pandanus sp. KY766058 KY766059 KY766061 - - Hyde et al. (2017)
H. pandanicolus MFLUCC 16-0251 Thailand Pandanus odorifer KX525751 KX525743 KX525759 KX525755 - Tibpromma et al. (2016)
H. reticulatus CCF 5893 (PRM 946199) Panama unknown tree LS398267 LS398267 LS398421 LS398347 LS398446 This study
H. reticulatus CCF 5905 (PMA 116078) Panama unknown tree LS398268 LS398268 LS398422 LS398348 - This study
H. reticulatus MFLUCC 15-0843 Thailand woody plant KX259521 KX259523 KX259527 KX259529 - Hyde et al. (2016)
H. saikhuensis MFLUCC 16-0266 Thailand Pandanus odorifer KX525748 KX525740 KX525756 KX525752 - Tibpromma et al. (2016)
H. saikhuensis MFLUCC 16-0267 Thailand Pandanus odorifer KX525749 KX525741 KX525757 KX525753 - Tibpromma et al. (2016)
H. sphaericoides CCF 5896 (PRC 4103) Panama unknown liana LS398271 - LS398425 LS398351 LS398448 This study
H. sphaericoides KZP 470 (UCH) Panama unknown liana LS398274 - LS398428 LS398353 LS398451 This study
H. sphaericoides CCF 5908 (PMA 116079) Panama unknown tree LS398273 LS398273 LS398427 LS398352 LS398450 This study
H. sphaericoides CCF 5907 (PRM 946200) Panama unknown tree LS398272 - LS398426 - LS398449 This study
H. sphaericoides CCF 5895 (PRC 4102) Panama Astrocaryum standleyanum LS398270 LS398270 LS398424 LS398350 LS398447 This study
H. sphaericus CCF 5894 (PRC 4100) Panama Arecaceae LS398277 LS398277 LS398429 LS398354 LS398452 This study
H. sphaericus CCF 5901 (PRC 4104) Panama unknown liana LS398278 - LS398430 LS398355 LS398453 This study
H. sphaericus CCF 5902 (PRC 4106) Panama unknown liana LS398279 LS398279 - - - This study
H. sphaericus KZP455 (PRC 4116) Panama Fabaceae LS398275 LS398275 - - - This study
H. sphaericus KZP469 (PRC 4117) Panama unknown tree LS398276 - - - - This study
H. sphaericus CCF 5911 (PMA 116080) Panama unknown tree LS398281 LS398281 LS398431 LS398356 LS398454 This study
H. sphaericus CCF 5914 (PMA 116081) Panama unknown tree LS398283 LS398283 LS398432 LS398357 LS398455 This study
H. sphaericus CCF 5916 (PRM 946201) Panama unknown liana LS398284 LS398284 LS398433 LS398358 LS398456 This study
H. sphaericus CCF 5917 (PMA 116082) Panama unknown tree LS398285 - - - - This study
H. sphaericus KZP 460 (PRC 4105) Panama unknown tree LS398286 LS398286 - - - This study
H. sphaericus KZP 462 (UCH) Panama unknown tree LS398287 LS398287 LS398434 LS398359 LS398457 This study
H. sphaericus CCF 5906 (PMA 116085) Panama unknown liana LS398280 - - - - This study
H. sphaericus KZP 441 (UCH) Panama Guazuma ulmifolia LS398282 - - - - This study
H. tectonae MFLUCC 14-1140 Thailand Tectona grandis KU144917 KU764695 KU872757 KU712486 - Doilom et al. (2017)
H. tectonae MFLUCC 14-1141 Thailand Tectona grandis KU144918 KU764696 KU872758 - - Doilom et al. (2017)
H. tectonae MFLUCC 14-1142 Thailand Tectona grandis KU144919 KU764697 - KU712487 - Doilom et al. (2017)
H. tucumanensis CCF 5912 (UCH) Panama unknown tree LS398288 LS398288 LS398435 LS398360 LS398458 This study
H. tucumanensis CCF 5913 (PMA 116083) Panama unknown tree LS398289 LS398289 LS398436 LS398361 LS398459 This study
H. tucumanensis CCF 5915 (PRM 946202) Panama Guazuma ulmifolia LS398290 LS398290 LS398437 LS398362 LS398460 This study
H. verrucosus CCF 5892 (PRM 946203) Panama unknown tree LS398291 LS398291 LS398438 LS398363 LS398461 This study
H. verrucosus CCF 5903 (PMA 116084) Panama unknown liana LS398292 LS398292 LS398439 LS398364 LS398462 This study
Lophiotrema neoarundinaria KT 856 Japan Phyllostachys bambusoides AB524786 - - - AB524848 Tanaka et al. (2009)
Lophiotrema neoarundinaria KT 2200 Japan Phyllostachys bambusoides AB524787 - - - - Tanaka et al. (2009)
Lophiotrema vagabundum CBS 113975 Sweden Epilobium angustifolium LC194502 - LC194415 FJ795461 - Hashimoto et al. (2017)
  1. Abbreviations: CBS: Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute, Utrecht, The Netherlands; CCF: Culture Collection of Fungi, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic; IFRDCC: International Fungal Research & Development Centre Culture Collection, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Kunming, China; KT: Kazuaki Tanaka, Hirosaki, Japan; KUMCC: Kunming Institute of Botany Culture Collection, Kunming, China; MFLUCC: Mae Fah Luang University Culture Collection, Chiang Rai, Thailand; PMA: Herbarium of the University of Panama, Panama City, Panama; UCH: Herbarium of the Antonomous University of Chiriquí, David, Panama; PRC: Herbarium of the Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic; PRM: Herbarium of the National Museum, Prague, Czech Republic.