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Table 1 Possible alternative types for sequence-based nomenclature and their advantages and disadvantages. Desirability refers to a purely scientific viewpoint, without considering the actual necessity; risk refers to the possibility of undesired outcomes, such as artifactual taxa or newly described synonyms; feasibility refers to the efforts required to designate and store a type; and effectivity refers to the proportion of effort versus gain in closing the gap of undescribed fungal diversity.

From: Formal description of sequence-based voucherless Fungi: promises and pitfalls, and how to resolve them

  Specimen Culture DNA extract Environmental sample FISH Illustration Sequence
Phenotype yes yes no no no no no
Comparability yes yes no no no limited limited
New characters yes yes limited limited no no no
Quality control yes yes limited limited yes no no
Artifactual taxa rare impossible possible possible impossible possible possible
Technical requirements low high medium medium high low low
Storage requirements medium high medium high medium low low
Long-term preservation limited limited limited limited limited yes yes
Capture of diversity low low medium medium medium high high
Code compliancy yes yes limited limited yes limited no
Changes to the Code none none “mixtotype”? “mixtotype”? none clarify “sequence type”
Overall desirability high very high medium low high very low very low
Overall risk low very low medium high very low high high
Overall feasibility very low low high medium medium very high very high
Overall effectivity very low low medium high medium very high very high