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Fig. 4

From: Draft genome sequence of Annulohypoxylon stygium, Aspergillus mulundensis, Berkeleyomyces basicola (syn. Thielaviopsis basicola), Ceratocystis smalleyi, two Cercospora beticola strains, Coleophoma cylindrospora, Fusarium fracticaudum, Phialophora cf. hyalina, and Morchella septimelata

Fig. 4

Maximum Likelihood (ML) phylogram derived from the analyses of the partial MCM7 gene sequences for species in Ceratocystidaceae. CLCbio Genomics Workbench v. 9.5 (CLCbio, QIAGEN, Aarthus, Denmark) was used to screen the genome of B. basicola isolate CMW 49352 to identify and extract the MCM7 gene using an available reference sequence for the gene from B. basicola (Accession: MF967102). A dataset was prepared based on the phylogenies of Nel et al. (2017) and sequences were downloaded from NCBI GenBank. DNA sequence alignments of the dataset were done using the online version of MAFFT v. 7 (Katoh & Standley, 2013). The ML analyses were performed in MEGA v. 6.06 (Tamura et al. 2013) using the GTR model. Values shown at nodes are confidence values >75 %. The sequence from the B. basicola genome is indicated in bold.

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