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Fig. 8

From: Draft genome sequence of Annulohypoxylon stygium, Aspergillus mulundensis, Berkeleyomyces basicola (syn. Thielaviopsis basicola), Ceratocystis smalleyi, two Cercospora beticola strains, Coleophoma cylindrospora, Fusarium fracticaudum, Phialophora cf. hyalina, and Morchella septimelata

Fig. 8

A Maximum Likelihood phylogeny showing the placement of the F. fracticaudum isolate (indicated in bold) that was sequenced in this study. The tree was inferred from combined β-tubulin and translation elongation factor 1-α gene sequences (Herron et al. 2015). Values at branch nodes are the bootstrapping confidence values with those ≥ 85% shown. The scale bar indicates substitution per site.

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