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Table 5 Approximately unbiased test on alternative POP trees.

From: The MSDIN family in amanitin-producing mushrooms and evolution of the prolyl oligopeptidase genes

Rank Best tree vs. Hypothetical trees obs AU NP
1 Best tree −3346.3 1.000 1.000
2 POPA and POPB monophyletic 3346.3 100000000000,00E-7 3000000000000,00E-6
3 POPA, POPB and Galerina POP monophyletic 4866.1 2000000000000,00E-8 2000000000000,00E-7
4 POPB and Galerina POP monophyletic 5232.1 100000000000,00E-51 3000000000000,00E-18
  1. obs: observed log-likelihood difference
  2. AU: approximately unbiased p-values
  3. NP: bootstrap probability