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Fig. 1

From: A revision of Salispina, its placement in a new family, Salispinaceae (Rhipidiales), and description of a fourth species, S. hoi sp. nov

Fig. 1

Morphology of Salispina hoi (USTCMS 1611). Colony pattern on: A. Potato carrot agar (PCA), and B. Vegetable juice agar (VJA). C. Protosporangium. D. Immature or young sporangium. E–H. Mature sporangia; spines are forming at the apex of sporangia, while others are either having scattered spines on the surface of the sporangia or a smooth surface. H. Irregularly-shaped aculeolate sporangium. I–J. Sporangia with dehiscence tube (arrow), zoospores differentiate inside the sporangia. K. Empty sporangium. Bars: A–B = 30 mm, C–K = 20 µm.

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