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Table 1 PCR Primers used in this study.

From: A revision of Salispina, its placement in a new family, Salispinaceae (Rhipidiales), and description of a fourth species, S. hoi sp. nov

Loci Primer pair Sequence (5′ – 3′) Reference
cox1 Oomcox1_Levup GCT TAA GTT CAG CGG GT Robideau et al. (2011)
  Oomcox1_Levlo CYT CHG GRT GWC CRA AAA ACC AAA Robideau et al. (2011)
cox2 cox2-F GGC AAA TGG GTT TTC AAG ATC C Hudspeth et al. (2000)
  cox2-RC4 TGA TTW AYN CCA CAA ATT TCR CTA CAT TG Choi et al. (2015)
nrLSU LR0R ACC CGC TGA ACT TAA GC Moncalvo et al. (1995)
  LR6-O CGC CAG ACG AGC TTA CC Riethmüller et al. (2002)