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Fig. 2

From: Diversity of Chroogomphus (Gomphidiaceae, Boletales) in Europe, and typification of C. rutilus

Fig. 2

The two different types of pileipellis found in European species of Chroogomphus. A. Subgenera Siccigomphus and Floccigomphus are characterized by species with broad pileipellis hyphae that lack a gelatinous layer; non-gelatinised pileipellis hyphae of C. cf. helveticus (H7019100). B. Species of subgen. Chroogomphus have narrower pileipellis hyphae embedded in a gelatinous layer; these gelatinised pileipellis hyphae are found in all other European species, in this example, C. britannicus (K(M)77895, holotype). Bar = 50 ┬Ám. Photographs: Ross Scambler.

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