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Fig. 3

From: Diversity of Chroogomphus (Gomphidiaceae, Boletales) in Europe, and typification of C. rutilus

Fig. 3

Degree of amyloidity of the lamellar trama of European species of Chroogomphus. A. Subgen. Siccigomphus and sect. Confusi in subgen. Chroogomphus are characterised by species with reduced amyloidity in the lamellar trama; non-amyloid lamellar trama of C. mediterraneus (H6029004). B. Other sections of subgenus Chroogomphus have distinctly amyloid lamellar trama; amyloid lamellar trama of C. rutilus (K(M)198589). Bar = 50 ┬Ám. Photographs: Ross Scambler.

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