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Fig. 5

From: Diversity of Chroogomphus (Gomphidiaceae, Boletales) in Europe, and typification of C. rutilus

Fig. 5

Basidiomata of selected Chroogomphus species. A. C. rutilus (TU106902). B. C. cf. purpurascens (K(M)233762). C. C. mediterraneus (K(M)237593). D. Atypical C. mediterraneus (K(M)237779). E. C. fulmineus (LIP 0401320). F. C. cf. helveticus (H7019100). G. C. subfulmineus (LIP 0401318, holotype). H. C. subfulmineus (LIP 0401323, showing colour of the trama). Not to scale; bar applies to F only. Photographs: A, Vello Liiv; B, and C, Geoffrey Kibby; D, Mel Oxford; E, Pierre-Arthur Moreau; F, Kare Liimatainen; and G and H, Michael Loizides.

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