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Fig. 3

From: Overview of Phacidiales, including Aotearoamyces gen. nov. on Nothofagus

Fig. 3

Morphological features of Aotearoamyces nothofagi (PDD 95741, 80575). A. Apothecia in fresh state. B. Exciple: B1–2. section at flank, B3. Ectal exciple cells at flank. C. Asci. D. Paraphyses. E. Ascospores. Dead state, mounted in: CR = C3, D1, E1; KOH = B1–3, C1–2, C6, D2, E2, E4; MLZ = C4–5, E3. Bars: A1 = 500 µm; A2–3 = 2 mm; B1–2, C1,C5 = 50 µm; B3, C2–1, C6, D1–2, E1–l = 10µm.

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