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Table 1 Specimens used in this studywith family information and GenBankaccession numbers. Sequences of the newspecies are indicated in bold.

From: Overview of Phacidiales, including Aotearoamyces gen. nov. on Nothofagus

    GenBank number
Species Family ITS LSU SSU
Sarcoleotia globosa 1 Geoglossaceae AY789410 AY789409  
Sarcoleotia globosa 2 Geoglossaceae AY789300 AY789299 AY789298
Epithamnolia on Candelaria (HA90) incertae sedis s. Suija et al. (2017) KY814532 KY814513 KY814524
Epithamnolia on Lecanora (HA92) incertae sedis s. Suija et al. (2017) KY814526 KY814508 KY814519
Mniaecia jungermaniae Mniaecia lineage EU940185 EU940109 EU940036
Mniaecia nivea Mniaecia lineage EU940188 EU940115 EU940042
Mniaecia gloeocapsae Mniaecia lineage EU940204 EU940128 EU940055
Trizodia acrobia 1 Mniaecia lineage EU940190 EU940113 EU940040
Trizodia acrobia 2 Mniaecia lineage EU940191 EU940114 EU940041
Bulgaria inquinans Phacidiaceae KJ663831 DQ470960 DQ471008
Phacidium lacerum Phacidiaceae KJ663841 DQ470976 DQ471028
Phacidiopycnis pyri Phacidiaceae DQ491510 DQ470949 DQ470997
Allantophomopsis lunata Phacidiaceae KR873229 KR873263  
Phacidium lauri Phacidiaceae KJ663850 KJ663891  
Geltingia associata 1 Helicogoniaceae KJ559540 KJ559562 KJ559584
Geltingia associata 2 Helicogoniaceae   KJ559576 KJ559580
Eleutheromyces subulatus 1 Helicogoniaceae NR145309 EU754162 EU754063
Eleutheromyces subulatus 2 Helicogoniaceae KJ710468 KJ710444  
Eleutheromyces subulatus 3 Helicogoniaceae   EU754161 EU754062
Collophorina africana 1 Tympanidaceae GQ154570 GQ154609 GQ154630
Collophorina africana 2 Tympanidaceae GQ154571 GQ154610 GQ154631
Collophorina paarla 1 Tympanidaceae GQ154586 GQ154613 GQ154634
Collophorina paarla 2 Tympanidaceae GQ154575 GQ154611 GQ154632
Collophorina rubra Tympanidaceae GQ154547 GQ154606 GQ154627
Holwaya mucida 1 Tympanidaceae KT225524 AY544680 AY544729
Holwaya mucida 2 Tympanidaceae DQ257357 DQ257356 DQ257355
Myriodiscus sparassoides Tympanidaceae JX219379 JX219381 JX219377
Claussenomyces prasinulus Tympanidaceae   KX090815 KX090866
Aotearoamyces nothofagi ICMP 21969 Tympanidaceae KM677201 MG807387 MG807391
Aotearoamyces nothofagi ICMP 21968 Tympanidaceae KM677202 MG807386 MG807390
Aotearoamyces nothofagi PDD 106298 Tympanidaceae MG807392 MG807388 MG807389