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Fig. 1

From: A taxonomic summary and revision of Rozella (Cryptomycota)

Fig. 1

Light microscopic images of Rozella. A. Motile zoospore of R. rhizoclosmatii [strain JEL 863, Letcher et al. 2017]. B–D. R. allomycetis and its host Allomyces macrogynus [strain UM690, unpubl.]. B. Encysted zoospores on host hypha. C. Parasite sporangia in septate segments of host hypha. D. Spiny parasite resting spores in septate segments of host hypha. E. Rozella rhizoclosmatii. Uninfected sporangium of host Rhizoclosmatium globosum, with discharged zoospores (arrow); infected, hypertrophied host sporangia (arrowheads) [strain JEL 863, Letcher et al. 2017]. F–I. Rozella multimorpha. Zoospore release from terminal sporangium in infected host Pythium catenulatum [strain JEL 883, unpublished; see Letcher et al. 2018]. Abbreviations: CB, concentric bodies; H, host; PSp, parasite sporangium; PRS, parasite resting spore; Sep, septum. Bars A = 1 µm, B–D = 15 µm, E = 100 µm, F–I = 10 µm.

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