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Fig. 2

From: A taxonomic summary and revision of Rozella (Cryptomycota)

Fig. 2

Transmission electron microscopic images of Rozella zoospores and infection. A. R. allomycetis [strain CSF 55; Powell et al. 2017]. B. R.multimorpha [strain JEL 883; Letcher et al. 2018]. C–D. R. rhizoclosmatii [strain JEL 863; Letcher et al. 2017]. D. A lattice of perpendicular rods (arrows) about the nucleus. E–I. R. allomycetis [strain UM 690; Powell and Letcher, unpubl.] parasitizing Allomyces macrogynus. E. Early stages of infection. F. Encysted zoospore. G. Zoospore cyst and early infection. H. Empty zoospore cyst. I. Collapsed zoospore cyst and early parasite protoplast. Abbreviations: A, appressorium; C, zoospore cyst; Cav, posterior cavity; CB, concentric body; CC, collapsed zoospore cyst; EC, empty zoospore cyst; F, flagellum; H, host; IT, infection tube; K, kinetosome; L, lipid globule; M, mitochondrion; N, nucleus; P, parasite; Rh, rhizoplast; Z, zoospore. Bars A, F–I = 0.5 µm, B–D = 0.25 µm, E = 2 µm.

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