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  1. Content type: Erratum

    Page 312, Left column, Paragraph 5: Replace “Costatisporus caerulescens” by “Costatisporus cyanescens”.

    Authors: Matthew E. Smith, Kevin R. Amses, Todd F. Elliott, Keisuke Obase, M. Catherine Aime and Terry W. Henkel

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:BF03449360

    Published on:

    The original article was published in IMA Fungus 2015 6:602297

  2. Content type: MycoLens

    We formulate five guidelines for introducing new genera, plus one recommendation how to publish the results of scientific research. We recommend that reviewers and editors adhere to these guidelines. We propos...

    Authors: Else C. Vellinga, Thomas W. Kuyper, Joe Ammirati, Dennis E. Desjardin, Roy E. Halling, Alfredo Justo, Thomas Læssøe, Teresa Lebel, D. Jean Lodge, P. Brandon Matheny, Andrew S. Methven, Pierre-Arthur Moreau, Gregory M. Mueller, Machiel E. Noordeloos, Jorinde Nuytinck, Clark L. Ovrebo…

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:BF03449356

    Published on:

  3. Content type: News

    Authors: Evi Weber, François Lutzoni, Stephen Clayden, James Lendemer, Trevor Goward, David L. Hawksworth, Gerard Verkley and Vincent Robert

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:BF03449353

    Published on:

  4. Content type: Report

    Authors: D. Jayarama Bhat, Chandralata Raghukumar, Mounes Bakhshi, Rasoul Zare, Susan Nuske and John Dearnaley

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:BF03449352

    Published on:

  5. Content type: News

    Authors: Nick Read, Peter Buchanan and Tom May

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:BF03449351

    Published on:

  6. Content type: Article

    This paper provides recommendations of one name for use among pleomorphic genera in Dothideomycetes by the Working Group on Dothideomycetes established under the auspices of the International Commission on the Ta...

    Authors: Amy Y. Rossman, Pedro W. Crous, Kevin D. Hyde, David L. Hawksworth, André Aptroot, Jose L. Bezerra, Jayarama D. Bhat, Eric Boehm, Uwe Braun, Saranyaphat Boonmee, Erio Camporesi, Putarak Chomnunti, Dong-Qin Dai, Melvina J. D’souza, Asha Dissanayake, E. B. Gareth Jones…

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:602507

    Published on:

  7. Content type: Article

    The genomes of Ceratocystis eucalypticola, Chrysoporthe cubensis, Chrysoporthe deuterocubensis, Davidsoniella virescens, Fusarium temperatum, Graphilbum fragrans, Penicillium nordicum and Thielaviopsis musarum ar...

    Authors: Brenda D. Wingfield, Irene Barnes, Z. Wilhelm de Beer, Lieschen De Vos, Tuan A. Duong, Aquillah M. Kanzi, Kershney Naidoo, Hai D. T. Nguyen, Quentin C. Santana, Mohammad Sayari, Keith A. Seifert, Emma T. Steenkamp, Conrad Trollip, Nicolaas A. van der Merwe, Magriet A. van der Nest, P. Markus Wilken…

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:602493

    Published on:

  8. Content type: Article

    So far 19 genera of downy mildews have been described, of which seven are parasitic to grasses. Here, we introduce a new genus, Baobabopsis, to accommodate two distinctive downy mildews, B. donbarrettiisp. nov., ...

    Authors: Marco Thines, Sabine Telle, Young-Joon Choi, Yu Pei Tan and Roger G. Shivas

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:602483

    Published on:

  9. Content type: Article

    Rust fungi infecting hollyhock and other plants in Malveae are frequently intercepted at ports of entry to the USA, particularly Puccinia malvacearum and P. heterogenea. These two species can be difficult to dist...

    Authors: Jill E. Demers, Megan K. Romberg and Lisa A. Castlebury

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:602477

    Published on:

  10. Content type: Article

    Two polyphyletic genera of ophiostomatoid fungi are symbionts of Proteaceae in southern Africa. One of these, Knoxdaviesia, includes two closely related species, K. proteae and K. capensis, that have overlapping ...

    Authors: Janneke Aylward, Léanne L. Dreyer, Emma T. Steenkamp, Michael J. Wingfield and Francois Roets

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:602471

    Published on:

  11. Content type: Article

    Laboulbeniales is one of the most peculiar orders of Ascomycota. These fungi are characterized by an ectoparasitic life-style on arthropods, determinate growth, lack of an asexual stage, high species richness, an...

    Authors: Danny Haelewaters, Michał Gorczak, Walter P. Pfliegler, András Tartally, Marta Tischer, Marta Wrzosek and Donald H. Pfister

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:602363

    Published on:

  12. Content type: Article

    Based on the taxonomic and nomenclatural recommendations of Quandt et al. (2014) new species combinations are made for Ophiocordycipitaceae. These new combinations are compliant with recent changes in the Interna...

    Authors: Joseph W. Spatafora, C. Alisha Quandt, Ryan M. Kepler, Gi-Ho Sung, Bhushan Shrestha, Nigel L. Hywel-Jones and J. Jennifer Luangsa-ard

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:602357

    Published on:

  13. Content type: Article

    Hirsutella (Ophiocordycipitaceae: Hypocreales) is a genus of insect, mite, and nematode pathogens with an asexual morph, which generally produce a mucilaginous cluster of one or several conidia on phialides that ...

    Authors: D. Rabern Simmons, Ryan M. Kepler, Stephen A. Renner and Eleanor Groden

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:602345

    Published on:

  14. Content type: Article

    A new homothallic Phytophthora species, isolated in Western Australia (WA), is described as Phytophthora boodjera sp. nov. It produces persistent, papillate sporangia, oogonia with thick-walled oospores, and para...

    Authors: Agnes V. Simamora, Mike J. C. Stukely, Giles E. StJ. Hardy and Treena I. Burgess

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:602319

    Published on:

  15. Content type: Article

    Jimtrappea guyanensis gen. sp. nov., Castellanea pakaraimophila gen. sp. nov., and Costatisporus cyanescens gen. sp. nov. are described as new to science. These sequestrate, hypogeous fungi were collected in Guya...

    Authors: Matthew E. Smith, Kevin R. Amses, Todd F. Elliott, Keisuke Obase, M. Catherine Aime and Terry W. Henkel

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:602297

    Published on:

  16. Content type: Article

    A list of 254 names of species and two names of varieties in Trichoderma with name or names against which they are to be protected, following the ICN (Melbourne Code, Art. 14.13), is presented for consideration b...

    Authors: John Bissett, Walter Gams, Walter Jaklitsch and Gary J. Samuels

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:602263

    Published on:

  17. Content type: Article

    Itajahya is a member of Phallales (Agaricomycetes), which, based on the presence of a calyptra and DNA sequence data for I. rosea, has recently been raised to generic status from a subgenus of Phallus. The type s...

    Authors: Seonju Marincowitz, Martin P. A. Coetzee, P. Markus Wilken, Brenda D. Wingfield and Michael J. Wingfield

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:602257

    Published on:

  18. Content type: Article

    Jacaranda mimosifolia trees have been progressively dying due to Ganoderma root and butt rot disease in Pretoria (the “City of Jacarandas”) for many years. Ganoderma austroafricanum was described from these trees...

    Authors: Martin P. A. Coetzee, Seonju Marincowitz, Vuledzani G. Muthelo and Michael J. Wingfield

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:601249

    Published on:

  19. Content type: Article

    The genomes of Chrysoporthe austroafricana, Diplodia scrobiculata, Fusarium nygami, Leptographium lundbergii, Limonomyces culmigenus, Stagonosporopsis tanaceti, and Thielaviopsis punctulata are presented in this ...

    Authors: Brenda D. Wingfield, Peter K. Ades, Fatima A. Al-Naemi, Lisa A. Beirn, Wubetu Bihon, Jo Anne Crouch, Z. Wilhelm de Beer, Lieschen De Vos, Tuan A. Duong, Christopher J. Fields, Gerda Fourie, Aquillah M. Kanzi, Martha Malapi-Wight, Sarah J. Pethybridge, Osman Radwan, Gloria Rendon…

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:601233

    Published on:

  20. Content type: Article

    Basidioascus undulatus is a soil basidiomycete belonging to the order Geminibasidiales. The taxonomic status of the order was unclear as originally it was only tentatively classified in the class Wallemiomycetes.

    Authors: Hai D. T. Nguyen, Denise Chabot, Yuuri Hirooka, Robert W. Roberson and Keith A. Seifert

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:601215

    Published on:

  21. Content type: Article

    Sexual reproduction is notoriously complex in fungi with species able to produce sexual progeny by utilizing a variety of different mechanisms. This is even more so for species employing multiple sexual strate...

    Authors: Andrea M. Wilson, P. Markus Wilken, Magriet A. van der Nest, Emma T. Steenkamp, Michael J. Wingfield and Brenda D. Wingfield

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:601207

    Published on:

  22. Content type: Article

    The present paper represents the second contribution in the Genera of Fungi series, linking type species of fungal genera to their morphology and DNA sequence data, and where possible, ecology. This paper focu...

    Authors: Pedro W. Crous, Lori M. Carris, Alejandra Giraldo, Johannes Z. Groenewald, David L. Hawksworth, Margarita Hemández-Restrepo, Walter M. Jaklitsch, Marc-Henri Lebrun, René K. Schumacher, J. Benjamin Stielow, Elna J. van der Linde, Jūlija Vilcāne, Hermann Voglmayr and Alan R. Wood

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:601163

    Published on:

  23. Content type: Article

    The sexual morph of Aecidium goyazense collected in the Brazilian Cerrado was morphologically characterized by light microscopy and SEM, and shown to be a species of Uromyces, for which the name Uromyces hawkswor...

    Authors: Érica S. C. Souza, Zuleide M. Chaves, William R. O. Soares, Danilo B. Pinho and José C. Dianese

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:601155

    Published on:

  24. Content type: Article

    In advancing to one name for fungi, this paper treats generic names competing for use in the order Diaporthales (Ascomycota, Sordariomycetes) and makes a recommendation for the use or protection of one generic na...

    Authors: Amy Y. Rossman, Gerard C. Adams, Paul F. Cannon, Lisa A. Castlebury, Pedro W. Crous, Marieka Gryzenhout, Walter M. Jaklitsch, Luis C. Mejia, Dmitar Stoykov, Dhanushka Udayanga, Hermann Voglmayr and Donald M. Walker

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:601145

    Published on:

  25. Content type: Erratum

    In naming the new species Hysterangium colossum (Elliott et al. 2015), we indicated that the epithet colossum was based on the Latin equivalent of the English adjective “colossal”. This Latin noun is actually “co...

    Authors: Todd F. Elliott, James M. Trappe and Armin Weise

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:BF03457665

    Published on:

    The original article was published in IMA Fungus 2015 6:601115

  26. Content type: Report

    Authors: Pedro W. Crous, Andrew Miller, Sybren de Hoog, Abdelaal Hassan Moubasher and Rachel Adams

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:BF03449344

    Published on:

  27. Content type: News

    Authors: Gerard Verkley, Marc Stadler, Jennifer Luangsa-ard and Pedro W. Crous

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:BF03449343

    Published on:

  28. Content type: Article

    A cleistothecial fungus, known only from the shells of giant land snails of the family Rhytidae, is described as a new genus and species within Onygenales, Harorepupu aotearoa gen. sp. nov. Known only from the se...

    Authors: Peter R. Johnston, Hai D. T. Nguyen, Duckchul Park and Yuuri Hirooka

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:601135

    Published on:

  29. Content type: Article

    The recently described fungal phylum Entorrhizomycota was established solely for the genus Entorrhiza, species of which cause root-galls in Cyperaceae and Juncaceae. Talbotiomyces calosporus (incertae sedis) shar...

    Authors: Kai Riess, Robert Bauer, Ronny Kellner, Martin Kemler, Marcin Piątek, Kálmán Vánky and Dominik Begerow

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:601129

    Published on:

  30. Content type: Article

    The taxonomic concepts which originated with or were accepted by Elias Magnus Fries were presented during his lifetime in the printed word, illustrative depiction, and in collections of dried specimens. This b...

    Authors: Ronald H. Petersen and Henning Knudsen

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:601099

    Published on:

  31. Content type: Article

    Despite the crucial ecological role of lactarioid taxa (Lactifluus, Lactarius) as common ectomycorrhiza formers in tropical African seasonal forests, their current diversity is not yet adequately assessed. During...

    Authors: Dao Lamèga Maba, Atsu K. Guelly, Nourou S. Yorou, Annemieke Verbeken and Reinhard Agerer

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:601013

    Published on:

  32. Content type: Article

    Calocybella is a new genus established to accommodate Rugosomyces pudicus. Phylogenetic analyses based on a LSU-ITS sequence dataset place Calocybella sister to Gerhardtia from which it differs morphologically in...

    Authors: Alfredo Vizzini, Giovanni Consiglio, Ledo Setti and Enrico Ercole

    Citation: IMA Fungus 2015 6:601001

    Published on:

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