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  1. If your title is sufficiently engaging, a prospective reader will probably look next at the Abstract. The abstract should include all details necessary for the reader who does not have access to the whole arti...

    Authors: Keith A. Seifert and Amy Y. Rossman
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2019 1:BF03449529
  2. Authors: Nick D. Read, Keith Seifert and Gen Okada
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2019 1:BF03449364
  3. Authors: David L. Hawksworth, Conrad Schoch, Keith Seifert, David W. Minter, Peter Buchanan and Sybren de Hoog
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2019 1:BF03449363
  4. The Amsterdam Declaration on Fungal Nomenclature was agreed at an international symposium convened in Amsterdam on 19–20 April 2011 under the auspices of the International Commission on the Taxonomy of Fungi (...

    Authors: David L. Hawksworth, Pedro W. Crous, Scott A. Redhead, Don R. Reynolds, Robert A. Samson, Keith A. Seifert, John W. Taylor, Michael J. Wingfield, Özlem Abaci, Catherine Aime, Ahmet Asan, Feng-Yan Bai, Z. Wilhelm de Beer, Dominik Begerow, Derya Berikten, Teun Boekhout…
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2011 2:2010105
  5. The phylogenetic placement of the monotypic dematiaceous hyphomycete genus Xanthoriicola was investigated. Sequences of the nLSU region were obtained from 11 specimens of X. physciae, which formed a single clade ...

    Authors: Constantino Ruibal, Ana M. Millanes and David L. Hawksworth
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2011 2:2010097
  6. Authors: David W. Minter and Joost A. Stalpers
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2011 2:BF03449489
  7. Authors: David L. Hawksworth, A. Elizabeth Arnold, Ignazio Carbone, François Lutzoni and Georgiana May
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2011 2:BF03449486
  8. Fungi inhabit every natural and anthropogenic environment on Earth. They have highly varied life-styles including saprobes (using only dead biomass as a nutrient source), pathogens (feeding on living biomass),...

    Authors: Ronald P. de Vries, Isabelle Benoit, Gunther Doehlemann, Tetsuo Kobayashi, Jon K. Magnuson, Ellen A. Panisko, Scott E. Baker and Marc-Henri Lebrun
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2011 2:2010081
  9. Racoleus trichophorus gen. sp. nov. is described for a tropical sterile filamentous lichenized fungus which overgrows various crustose lichens on bark. It shares some features with Cystocoleus and Racodium, but i...

    Authors: David L. Hawksworth, Rolf Santesson and Leif Tibell
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2011 2:2010071
  10. The genus Pseudovirgaria, based on P. hyperparasitica, was recently introduced for a mycoparasite of rust sori of various species of Frommeëlla, Pucciniastrum and Phragmidium in Korea. In the present study, an ol...

    Authors: Uwe Braun, Pedro W. Crous, Johannes Z. Groenewald and Christian Scheuer
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2011 2:2010065
  11. This contribution is based on the four presentations made at the Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting titled Gene Expression in Fungi held during IMC9 in Edinburgh. This overview is independent from other arti...

    Authors: Ayse Kalkanci, Aras Kadioglu, Duncan Wilson and Mette D. Jacobsen
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2011 2:2010029
  12. Species in the present study were compared based on their morphology, growth characteristics in culture, and DNA sequences of the nuclear ribosomal RNA gene operon (including ITS1, ITS2, 5.8S nrDNA and the fir...

    Authors: Pedro W. Crous, Kazuaki Tanaka, Brett A. Summerell and Johannes Z. Groenewald
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2011 2:2010049
  13. Several isolates of coelomycetous fungi with pigmented conidia were consistently isolated from diseased roots of Zea mays in irrigated plots monitored in the KwaZulu-Natal Province of South Africa. Based on their...

    Authors: Sandra C. Lamprecht, Pedro W. Crous, Johannes Z. Groenewald, Yared T. Tewoldemedhin and Walter F. O. Marasas
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2011 2:2010013
  14. Annulatascus nilensis sp. nov., from freshwater habitats in Egypt, is described, illustrated and compared to other species in the genus. Phylogenetic analyses of its LSU rDNA sequence with similar fungi placed th...

    Authors: Mohamed A. Abdel-Wahab, Faten A. Abdel-Aziz, Sabah S. Mohamed and Ahmed E. Abdel-Aziz
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2011 2:2010001
  15. The new species Aspergillus karnatakaensis sp. nov. is described and illustrated. All three isolates of this species were isolated from Indian soil; two from soil under a coconut palm in a coffee plantation in Ka...

    Authors: János Varga, Jens C. Frisvad and Robert A. Samson
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2010 1:1020197
  16. Aspergillus section Sparsi includes species which have large globose conidial heads with colours ranging from light grey to olive-buff. In this study, we examined isolates of species tentatively assigned to secti...

    Authors: János Varga, Jens C. Frisvad and Robert A. Samson
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2010 1:1020187
  17. This contribution is based on the six oral presentations given at the Special Interest Group session on anaerobic fungi held during IMC9. These fungi, recently elevated to the status of a separate phylum (Neocall...

    Authors: Gareth W. Griffith, Scott Baker, Kate Fliegerova, Audra Liggenstoffer, Mark van der Giezen, Kerstin Voigt and Gordon Beakes
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2010 1:1020181
  18. Various fungi were isolated during the course of a survey in a cold-store of apples in the Netherlands. One of these fungi belongs to the genus Penicillium and produces cleistothecia at 9 and 15 °C. A detailed st...

    Authors: Jos Houbraken, Jens C. Frisvad and Robert A. Samson
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2010 1:1020171
  19. This contribution provides a synopsis of the presentations and discussions during the SIG session on cryptic speciation in lichen-forming fungi held during IMC9. In several cases, a re-examination of morpholog...

    Authors: Ana Crespo and H. Thorsten Lumbsch
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2010 1:1020167
  20. The presentations of the Special Interest Group meeting Colletotrichum: species, ecology and interactions, held on 1 August 2010 during IMC9 in Edinburgh, UK, are outlined. Seven research projects, ranged from sy...

    Authors: Ulrike Damm, Riccardo Baroncelli, Lei Cai, Yasuyuki Kubo, Richard O’Connell, Bevan Weir, Kae Yoshino and Paul F. Cannon
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2010 1:1020161
  21. This contribution, based on a Special Interest Group session held during IMC9, focuses on physiological based models of flamentous fungal colony growth and interactions. Fungi are known to be an important comp...

    Authors: Ruth E. Falconer, James L. Bown, Eilidh McAdam, Paco Perez-Reche, Adam T. Sampson, Jan van den Bulcke and Nia A. White
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2010 1:1020155
  22. During May 2010, sporocarps of what appeared to be an Armillaria sp. were found in large clumps in historic Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens on the foot of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa. These sporocarps ...

    Authors: Michael J. Wingfield, Martin P. A. Coetzee, Pedro W. Crous, Diana Six and Brenda D. Wingfield
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2010 1:1020149
  23. The proceedings of the 3–5 August 2010, IMC9 Edinburgh Nomenclature Sessions are briefly summarized. The final resolution approved by the General Assembly endorses the recommendations by the Nomenclature Sessi...

    Authors: Lorelei L. Norvell, David L. Hawksworth, Ronald H. Petersen and Scott A. Redhead
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2010 1:1020143
  24. The bitunicate ascomycete genus Johansonia is presently treated as a member of Saccardiaceae, a family regarded as incertae sedis within the Ascomycota. Recent collections on leaves of a leguminous host, Dimorpha...

    Authors: Pedro W. Crous, Robert W. Barreto, Acelino C. Alfenas, Rafael F. Alfenas and Johannes Z. Groenewald
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2010 1:1020117
  25. The formal requirements and best practices for the publication of descriptions of new fungal species are discussed. Expectations for DNA sequences and cultures are considered. A model manuscript offers one pos...

    Authors: Keith A. Seifert and Amy Y. Rossman
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2010 1:1020109
  26. Authors: David W. Minter, Kevin D. Hyde and David E. Schindel
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2010 1:BF03449319
  27. Authors: David L. Hawksworth and D. Coffey
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2010 1:BF03449318
  28. This history presents a review of International Mycological Association activities, its international congresses, and its relationships with regional mycological associations as well as with international orga...

    Authors: Emory G. Simmons
    Citation: IMA Fungus 2010 1:101018

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